Women’s Gift Guide : Gifts Under $100

Gift exchange has been going on since the beginning of civilization. They have brought an end to many wars. The Trojan War is an excellent example here. The legend states that there were Greek soldiers in the Trojan Horse and they attacked from inside and opened the gates of Troy for the Greek Army. Or, maybe we are sort of misquoting the whole thing. The fact of the matter is that we do not know for sure what happened and neither does history. Nevertheless, whatever it resulted in, the war did end after that.

But, humor aside, it is a very effective strategy when dealing with matters of the heart. If you have a tussle going on, then a small gift can turn the argument in your favor. Even if nothing else happens, it softens the person’s heart towards you. This creates the perfect opportunity of getting your point across. A bit brutal in terms of strategy, but whatever works right!

Or, if you are wooing a potential life partner, gifts have been traditionally the way to go. And call us old-fashioned, but we still hold them in high regard. Start with the small things and maybe who knows one day you will find your Happily Ever After.

So, in the spirit of gift giving we have compiled a short list of gifts that are under $100 and will support your efforts.



Leather has always been one of the most favorite materials for adornment. There is just this grace in it that belies time and fashion trends. This bracelet is made of hand knotted leather by the New York designer Imani Razat. It forms a beautiful pattern and the steel clasp adds a bit of shine to the overall construct. But, the eternal question is: what does it mean? Just like abstract art, it is for you to decide.

Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize


The product contains three things: Organic green face wash, toner and day glow. The face wash is made from healthy natural ingredients which contain antioxidants. The face wash also contains extracts of green vegetables. The toner revitalizes the color of your skin in a profound way. The Day Glow is made to improve the complexion of your skin by moisturizing. It is available only in $92.



It is a comfortable and lightweight dress which you can use when going to a beach or a bar. It is a staple piece and will add beauty to your wardrobe collection. The fabric is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The length of the dress is 56 inches. It is available only in $96.

20% Vitamin C + e Ferulic Acid Serum 1 oz


The product contains vitamin C – an antioxidant which will help you in balancing your skin tone as well as creating some collagen. It also contains vitamin E and Ferulic acid which improves the efficiency of vitamin C. L-Ascorbic acid is also used for maximum efficiency. The product is non-greasy and dries easily. By availing a “5OFF” coupon on products with rate more than $13.95, you can get a discount of $5.

Carte Postale Women’s Tech Tee Short Sleeve


It is a T-shirt white in color with black strips on both sides. It gives you protection from UV rays and is made from material which dries quickly. It also features a printed bicycle on the front and a written word “Carte Postale”. It is available in five different sizes.

Blue Algiers Bubble Skirt Dress


The fabric of this shirt is so soft that you will want to remain in it for 24 hours. The fabric is also easy to care for. The dress is so comfortable that you will feel that you are wearing a giant T-shirt. The material is 69% Rayon 26% Polyester 5% Spandex. The dress has short sleeves, round neck and the bottom is high-low bubble shaped.

Pure Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub


This scrub will be the best thing for your skin because of its natural ingredients without any preservatives or added smell – only the real coconut. The coconut oil melts slowly once applied and the extra cane sugar gives the essential moisture making your skin healthy and charming. Using this product three to four times a week will keep your skin healthy. It is better to keep the product at a room temperature since the coconut oil hardens when cold.

The New Classic Blue and White Striped Top


This top has a fanciful style and can be used for both formal and informal gatherings – whether you are going to the office or a party on the beach. It has a V-shaped neck-collar and tie-able sleeve bands. It is perfect for those who like Tops with relaxed fit and comfort. It has a light purple color which combined with jeans or a skirt will give a perfect look.

Team Dakota Women’s Tank


It is a unisex product which is perfect for summer heat. The fabric is 100% cotton jersey expect for the grey color in which 10% polyester is added. It has banded arms and head holes. It is available in more than five colors and sizes. A design of two crossed spears behind a Spartan shield is made on the front part.

Thread Luxe Beanie Grey


This is a unique beanie because it has a 4 cm split at the back. You can wear it and still look like a chick by tying your hair up. If you want your hair to remain down you can also close the split because there is a button attached. The fabric is woven wool with small holes which keep you warm without blocking the movement of the air.

Very Vanilla


This is a unique candle with the aroma of vanilla and gives the touch of a cream. This product is perfect for common and everyday use. The elegance of the candle speaks it all.

Goebel German Girl with Beer Stein


It is porcelain figurine of a girl holding a heart in her right hand. The heart has opening on the top. The phrase “München Weltstadt mit herz” is written on the front side of the heart preceded by an eagle and followed by a heart. The girl is wearing blue dress with yellow cross on it.

Southern Bells - Black with Arrows


These are bell-bottomed pants and also contain pockets. The fabric is white cotton and contains white arrows. The waistline is made with stretchable material which is easy to use and gives a comfortable fit for toddlers.

Aviator Frame with Gold Mirror Lenses


These unique sunglasses are made of wood while the arm union with the riser is made of stainless steel. All the sunglasses are in accordance with the EC Directive and all the lenses provide protection from UV rays.

Adzuki beans


Make sure you have some tasty and nutritious adzuki beans this late summer— It can be a fun approach to flavor your summer up, NON-GMO Certified Organic Sprouting Seeds Adzuki Beans are an excellent burgundy color and are effortlessly digested because they accompany digestive catalysts.

It’s great eaten raw and when used in fresh foods or live food recipes, It can also be added to raw sprouted soups and panfry, It can be grown separately or mixed with mung beans, You can also combine the sprouted adzuki beans with rice and get the greatest measure of protein for body building. Getting some Adzuki bean this summer must be on your shopping list if you really want to enjoy all that proteins have to offer.

HERA UV Mist Cushion Nude SPF 50+/PA+++


The HERA UV Mist Cushion contains advanced mineral clay water EX which provides moisture to create dewy, glowing, plumped-up skin. It seamlessly blends into the skin, filling it with moisture and filling it up to make it look more youthful and shine with a touch of glamour. This is a must-have for people who’ll love to keep their skin flawless throughout this summer.

Tripple teatox 15 and 30-day detox program


The Triple Teatox 15 and 30 Day detox program is extraordinarily mixed to enable you to feel and appear better from the inside to the outside. It’s an ideal opportunity to dispose of the impurities and toxins that your body is holding onto, permit your body to work at its best, burn calories quicker, and have normal vitality levels each day.

Luxury crystal squishy silicone stamper and scraper set-silver


With this product, you will Enjoy the fun and creativity of Do – It – Yourself nail art. This excellent Tool applies the design on the Image Plate onto your nail with no errors or mistakes. The scraper is used to make sure the right amount of nail polish is left on the design plate to achieve the Best outcome.

The trick to using these delicate silicone stampers is ensuring you don’t press too hard on the plate when you try to pick up the images. Once you understand how it works, you will find that it’s much easier to use than the regular rubber stamper!

Sterling Silver Round Vintage Rose Style Earrings for Pierced Ears


This is a Pair of sterling silver round vintage design earrings with pin and push fittings.The raised stylized rose pattern appears differently with the finished foundation and is encompassed just inside the edge by an excellent bead design. Specifically made to sit on the ear for the individuals who don’t care about wearing a dangling earring. These are flexible accessories for everyday casual wears.Guaranteed to look great on you this summer.

Women’s Logo Tank Shirt


It is a racer back shirt with “Cabooties” printed on its front part. You can show your cabooties pride by wearing this shirt. The fabric is tri-blend: 50 % polyester, 25 % combed ringspun cotton and 25 % rayon. It is available in multiple colors and multiple sizes. The label it contains on the front part is of satin.

Nomad Embroidered Hat


It is a colorful bonnet with two thread made pompom ears. The cap has embroidered front and is fleece lined. The material is a hybrid of 30% Polyamide, 30% Viscose, 20% Acrylic, and 20% Wool. It is available for three months to 3 year’s babies.

All Natural Mango Lip Moisturizer – 10 ml


This product is made from 100 % pure and natural ingredients and is perfect for your dry lips. The components are coconut oil, grape seed oil, and other natural vitamin oils. This Mango Lip Moisturizer will surely get your lips bitten.

Fayebeline Trucker Style “Woke up Like This” Baby Hat – Turquoise


It is a perfect hat for babies in its functionality as well as in its style. Most traditional hats drop on baby’s eyes or face and cause irritation. This hat is quite the opposite; it’s light weight. It also blocks the sun rays and looks perfect. The size is ideal for the babies, and the cap is available in two sizes – extra small and small. The extra small size measures 40-44cm and fits most children. The foil printing on the cap is attractive.

Crossroads Necklace


The necklace is made of the leather double strap to which are attached the black onyx disk and black onyx beads. Lamp-beads are also connected to the leather string. The product has some motivational elements behind it. It is made by those girls who just freed themselves from red district areas in China.

luna Table Lamp


It is a great ornamental piece for house tables and other noticeable spots in the house. It is elegant both when lit or not. When lit it provides you a beautiful image of multiple patterns and when unlit it fascinates you with its beautiful structure. It is made of brass with the high-quality silver finish. It is 12” tall and is 8” wide at its widest point. Bulbs are not provided with the product.

The Essential Dining Special


This household utensils kit is perfect for those who want something which toddlers cannot break at the same time wanting some design and beauty. In the same way, if you are looking for some stylish utensils for your upcoming patio gathering, this kit will do the job. Apart from beautiful design, they are safe also – chemical free.

Palomino P01


It is a bracelet with a combination of design as well as tradition and values. It is made by hand by the use of a traditional technique that is passed from generation to generation. It can take almost two hours to complete this bracelet, but the resulting product appears to be a cultural artifact. The material used is Acrylic. It is available in two sizes: 1 cm x 6.6 inches and 2.7 cm x 17 cm.

Gummy Bears


If you are a sweet addict, then feed your addiction with these gummy bears. These are safe and non-toxic. You can order a minimum of $10.00 while one Gummy bear costs $1.50.



Diamond rings have long been purported to be a girl’s best friend. Whether that is true or not, they do look absolutely fabulous and can go with a range of settings. This one is gold plated and has a crown of diamonds arranged in the pave setting. They are closely linked so that the material linking them together cannot be seen. It is an elegant setting and is loved in all corners of the world. Go for it if you are in search of something special and affordable.



It is not your regular dress. The color is different. The style is unique. And it is the dearest thing you may have seen in a long time. Whether you are looking for a perfect holiday dress or a casual summer one, this will help you out. It has a drop waist and a pleated skirt. Made from a blend of polyester, cotton and spandex, it will keep you comfortable for extended periods of time.



Hummingbirds are fascinating creatures, with the ability to fly at speeds of 54km/h. It helps that they have highest rate of metabolism.  If you having a budding population which you would like to support or you just like the little birds to be around you, then this is the perfect item to support their habitat. It can feed dozens of hummingbirds at a single time. It is very easy to set up and clean, so just invest and send us a few pictures too.



If you have pale skin and there are no options available for getting a natural tan, then this is the perfect Gel for you. It will save you all the effort of going out and you can do it in privacy without any tan lines. There is also no danger of getting sun burnt in the process and you will be safe from the cancer causing effects of UV light. The gel absorbs into the skin and leaves a dry skin, with no sticky leftovers. The mica will add a bit of sparkle to the perfect evening.



What they see around themselves plays an important role in the development of children. It is what they are most influenced with and it will play an important part in their choice of career. While we are against following preset guidelines when it comes to interest, nevertheless, if you your child show’s an interest in architecture and building things, then this is the ideal way to support his development. It is made from reclaimed wood with smudge free ink and is safe for children 3 and above.


Hobo designs are the word of the day. They give an impression of a carefree spirit and help you express your desire to escape the mundane realities that surround us. But, what if that design was made from ethically sourced vegan leather? After all, it is good for the environment, good for the Animals, and you will not have to empty all your saving to buy it. That sounds like a great bargain to us. What’s more it has a zipper pocket and 3 inner pockets to keep all your items safe and separate.



A bath pouf is a very personal item and something which can enhance your bathing experience manifold. But, the thing is that there isn’t really that much luxury material in the market for them. No more! This is the ultimate luxury bath pouf you will come across. It is a 2in1 bath pouf and Loofah, which has antibacterial properties to keep it from turning into a petri dish. And it is available in the most beautiful of colors: Radiant Orchid and Cobalt Blue.



Why do we like Gold Bar Necklaces? Perhaps, it is because they can be layered with others to give a mystic appearance; or they can be worn alone to represent a solid and logical personality. Whatever the reason may be, we just love Bar necklaces. This one is gold plated brass, and the chain is brass plated with rhodium. They are so versatile that they can be paired with almost all apparel and suit most styles.



How great would it be carry all the essential makeup brushes in a compact and beautiful bag! Well, you can now. This one has a set of 7 brushes which have been beautifully made with satin pink finish and silver finish ferrules. The leather bag itself is beautifully crafted and complements the treasure that it carries inside it. The brush ends are a blend of sable and goat. So, if you have always wanted to have a portable set, then just make your decision and treat yourself.



Scented candles, the very word awakens an odd nostalgia in the brand. And Memory of Love, the very name takes you back to your first date. Nevertheless, it is ideal for a candlelit dinner or just to relax yourself. The citrus note is followed by a fruity floral core. Made of natural soy wax, it comes in a reusable jar, which can be used to hold your own candles or to collect coins. It can burn up to a maximum of 96 hours.



What is Supplet you ask? It is a gift box subscription service. If you decide to subscribe, they will send you a box every month, which will be filled with high grade and toxin free items for you and your baby. Pregnancy is a tough and one of the most important times in a woman’s life. Many of the things that you do will impact the health of the baby. This box will equip you with the proper advice and items to take care of your baby during and after pregnancy.



Success doesn’t just happen. It’s planned. If these aren’t he wisest words that you have heard in a while then you are a wise person indeed. Truth is that careful planning and consistency will beat the most intelligent of people. Intelligence cannot be taught, but most of us don’t really need much of it anyway. So, if you want to achieve something in life plan ahead and follow through. This planner has all the right tools to help you along your way to achieving your dreams.



Whether it’s the military or the initials tag that Wolverine wears in the X-men comics, it does not matter, all that matters is that we are just enamored by them. Every one of us has had an initials necklace at least once in our lives. And although, we understand that it is just a piece of metal which can be bought and discarded there is just this powerful attachment to it. This one will include your initials and is made of 18K gold over sterling. It is perfect.

We hope that we have been able to put some ideas in your mind to help you out in smoothing any problems that you may have had with your loved ones. Just like the Greeks, give them the gift and open their hearts to further conquests. But, in all this remember that the value of a gift is subjective and the true value lies in your intention. For us, a smile on a loved one’s face is the greatest gift possible.