Top Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas 2016

The chill is still in the air and the snow lays heavy. Chocolate mugs are still steaming and can be seen in the hands of people all over the world. Most of the States, especially the Eastern ones, are facing freezing to sub-freezing temperatures and we wish them to stay warm and out of the harm’s way.

But, amid all this, February is fast approaching. And with February there comes a very important day: you’ve guessed it right; we are talking about the World Radio Day. Radio was a very important invention that brought the world closer. Wait, there is something wrong…. Oh! Sorry, we were actually going to talk about the Valentine’s Day. But, radio day is important as well.

Now, that the jokes have been told. Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most pressure filled holiday after Christmas, especially for young couples. The society, media, and our surroundings all expect something really special. But, in the entire search for that special something, we should take care, to care about the special someone. After all, the special something is for the special someone.

What would be the best Valentine’s Day gift? That is the million dollar question, isn’t it? I am afraid, it has no single answer. We would, of course, love to have a couple of Oculus Rifts, for work purposes obviously. Barring that we would love to have a potato. Some recent information from a secret source has enabled us to move beyond the customary gifts such as the flower and chocolates.

But, you are here for one thing only, to see our list of Top Valentine Gifts that we have been compiling since our last one. Just enjoy…

RFID Travel Vest for Women


Do you travel a lot, to different destinations around the world? In any foreign place there is always a chance of misplacing your essential documents and accessories. This often leads to insecurity and interferes with the ability to enjoy your surroundings. What if we told you that there is a vest that can use RFID Blocking to protect you against high skimmers from stealing your identity. Additionally, it has 18 pockets which help in organizing your stuff during help.

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Letters used to be the form of expressing love. There is still a charm in them, which has belied all modern technology. But, what if you could present your loved one with a very small letter written on gold plated metal stating just a simple “I love you”! And what if that letter could be presented in a messenger locket of 18K gold, which had a chain studded with freshwater pearls! It’s a sweet deal anyway you see it. The locket has an antique look for effect.



Diamond has a lasting quality to it. It is the prime material which can be passed down generations, a perfect thing to become a family heirloom. These stud earrings have the perfect sized diamonds in them. They will turn heads and sparkle in the light, making you stand out among your peers and coworkers. The 14K white gold complements the diamonds beautifully, making the whole construct elegant and graceful.

Crystal Lock Bib Necklace


Clear Glass stones roughly joined together to form a heart, coming with a 19” gold plated chain. We cannot think of a better way to express your appreciation than using a necklace, which was made keeping the day in mind. It is casual, but not too casual. It is serious, but not too serious. If you are in that part of your relationship, then be our guest and use it to your advantage. If you are considering it for your own good self, then it will match up with a multitude of styles.

Bee My Honey


This has romance written all over it, especially if you and your partner like it to be mixed with a light touch of humor. Imagine presenting him/her with this on your romantic dinner or breakfast, whichever it is. The scented candle box will turn the mood in your favor doing the work for you. And if things turn all right, then you can light it up for a honey comb fragrance, which has just the right amount of floral scent in it.

The Mighty Love Raglan


Often we tend to forget our family in our plans for a good valentine. After all what is the most precious thing in your life? Kids, right! They can be difficult and moody, but in the end they are the most precious thing. If you would rather spend it with your loved ones, or want to teach them the value of this day, then this is the perfect little thing to attire them in. The Mighty Love Raglan will remind you of the intensity and purity of their love.

Love Lights Tattoo'OMs


Tattoos can be mesmerizing, but most of them are made with black ink and, well, to the average user sort of ugly. But, what if there was way to have them in gold and silver? Most of us are too afraid to use such a thing. But, if there was a safe and discreet way to get gold tattoos for a couple of days, many would try them out. This is what these are. Each sheet of these can be transformed to your own design. The instructions are easy and they can be removed with baby oil. If care is taken they will last 4-6 days.

Red Heart - Valentine's Day

Valentine Card - Heart

So, you want to surprise you valentine with a personalized gift and candy because you are away and cannot meet up with the person. Well fear not, there is a sweet way to do it. It’s the Sweet Hey way. All you have to do is to pick out a card, select the right candy, and enter the personalized message. They will do the rest. It is very efficient and the cards are just beautiful. You can choose to add an additional sweet and make it double fun.

Heart Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake


Before there were cool gadgets and all the digital content, and before you could go to see a Ryan Reynolds action movie, who would have thought, with your significant other, there was the trustworthy Heart Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake. This trustworthy classic treat has the potential of starting a lovely and fun filled evening. It is made from organic ingredients and does not have any preservatives. However, it may have come in contact with nuts, so take care.

Sleep Easily (single copy)


People who have sleeping issues will know that it is the most precious thing in the world. There are many remedies out there which will have you sleep, but the drawbacks are just too much. You are always giving something away in return for sleep. This program will condition you to go to sleep using natural methods. It has a booklet detailing the reasons and methods to improve your sleep cycle. The main help is in the form of audio recordings, which can be heard through the padded pillow speaker. The whole package comes equipped with the perfect things to help you sleep better.

Red Plaid Scarf


Is there something which goes with more outfits than the red plaid scarf? It is a must have in every single persons collection. Even if you already have one, buy another, that is how much we adore it. This one is made from 100% acrylic, is soft and cozy. It will protect you from the wind and have you feeling confident when others are shivering in the cold. If you feel that this is too simple then add it with one of their kuhfs.



This is a fun activity which can be done with your loved ones. If you are into paper craft or love origami, then this will keep you and anyone you wish to invite busy for up to 10 hours, depending on your skill. It comes as a kit and can be assembled with the help of instructions provided in the booklet. Everything that you need to build it is included in the kit. After you are done making it, it will adorn your wall and amaze anyone who comes by.

Sarah Clutch Bag - Latte & White


Clutches are the way to go to be chic and sleek. But, what if they are convertible? After all, it can get tough to carry around a clutch all day. They are best suited with a dress in the evening, but if they had a strap they would be versatile. This envelop shaped clutch has a detachable strap which will help you carry it around during the day and when the night comes, just put on your dress and remove the strap. Plus its color ensures that it will be suitable with a range of apparel.



Coloring has long thought to be a pastime fit for children. However, recent studies have shown that even adults can benefit from it. In fact, there are many coloring books specifically made for adults out there. It not only helps a person express themselves through unique patterned art, but also has a calming effect on your nerves. This pack can have any 14 coloring books of your choice. You can keep them all for yourself or distribute them to loved ones, it’s up to you.

Key to my heart necklace


This brings back memories of Kingdom Hearts. It reminds us of the beautiful tale from a couple of decades ago on many fronts. It gives physical form to a beautiful concept. Deep down, we all want to give the key to our heart to someone we love. Such is the power of love that many a hard heart has melted away with it. This key can be worn to indicate a search for such a person. And, when you find that special someone, just hand it over to seal the unspoken deal.

Love Adult/ Kids Black T-shirt


We all want the world to become a place which is tolerant and full of love; a place where differences are celebrated rather than shunned. But, how many of us actually do something about it. So, if you want the world to be a better place, start with yourself. Buy this 100% combed cotton shirt for yourself and your loved ones to spread the message. It comes in a range of sizes and is very comfortable to boot. Who knows, maybe you will be the one to start this much needed trend.

Bliss in Black


Before we move forward, we would like to confess our weakness for abstract art. This apparently simple black and white piece of abstract art hides a core which is deep and mesmerizing. But, what does it all mean? Isn’t that the million dollar question? In most cases, even the artist doesn’t know what has been created. It is our perspective which defines the meaning in abstract art. Just hand it in your bedroom to remind you of the beauty that can be found in the simplest of things.

Coobie Seamless Ankle Leggings


What is the purpose of yoga? The answer can differ from person to person, but the backdrop is: it relaxes the body and relieves tension. Then it only makes sense that when you are performing yoga moves, you need to be in your most comfortable attire. These seamless ankle leggings will give you the freedom of movement that you desire and are available in a range of attractive colors. We are sure that you will find one that will make your heart flutter.

Enriching Shampoo


Hair is one of the most important part of your personality. How you style your hair can have a great deal of effect on how people perceive you. But, all this positivity is only possible if you have healthy and fresh looking hair. So, this shampoo will provide your hair with all the necessary ingredients to encourage growth, make them shine, and help you look great. Remember having great hair starts form having the right kind of product for them.



If you are planning the big move on this Valentine or any time soon, then this is the site you want to go to. They have an awesome collection and you can modify the main, as well as the accent stones in the ring. We would suggest doing it with your fiancée because this will cost you, but the thrill and the beauty of it all will make it worth it. After all, how many times in life does on take the step to get engaged. It will also be awesome as an anniversary or wedding ring, it’s up to you.



Name plates are a unique fashion accessory, which can express your desire to be unique. Popularized by military name tags, these ones brought to you by Purple Karma mean much more than just a name. They are a sign of a fun nature hiding beneath a cool exterior. It can also be an expression of love or given as a sign of devotion. The possibilities are just endless, of course, we would also understand if you just want one for yourself.

6 Month Jerky of the Month Club


Are you a fan of beef jerky? And are you feeling adventurous? If your answer is yes on both terms, then this is the ideal thing for you. They will send you a packet of jerky every month. Just take it out and put it on the grill. You can enjoy the different flavor alone, or if you are feeling generous invite some friends over or just celebrate with your own family. The flavors may include but are not limited to BBQ, Sweet n Spicy, Teriyaki, Green Chili Beef, etc.



Baking is fun, but the even the best baked items can be left for just good baked ones, due to the presentation. This package will give you access to a unique form of decoration. It contains two “something” molds for cooking your stuff and two books to accompany them. Basically, its two sets of the same product. You can keep one of them and give the other to someone you love. Or, you can keep them both for efficient “somethings”.



Children usually struggle with belts. It takes them a lot of time to fasten them and it can get frustrating at times, to fasten the belt for them, again and again. This is a problem which has finally come to an end. This belt is made by combining high quality Velcro and can be fastened and unfastened quite easily by youngsters, who have just learnt to go to the bathroom, all by themselves. The design is super attractive. If you are attracted by the concept, then fear not, they have it in larger sizes too.



Have you ever thought of having a vegan bag to match your vegan lifestyle? Perhaps you were not aware that one existed, but now you know. Made from Vegan ingredients, the company just doesn’t use the ingredients, but also makes sure that the cost to the environment isn’t too high for an accessory made to be used by green activists. This insert is waterproof, machine washable and is interchangeable when used with their vegan leather bag.



You cannot go wrong with a stylish gemstone ring. Whether you are buying for yourself or someone special, one more ring will be a useful addition to your collection, no matter what. This one is made from sterling silver, plated with gold in a special manner that will make it last for years. It is further adorned with a rare chalcedony gem. Gray is a beautiful color which usually goes with every other article in your collection.

Green Wine Bottle Candle


Where do all the wine bottles go? We don’t know for, perhaps to be recycled, but we know one company which uses them for filling out interesting and high fragrant candles. Whether you are a fan of aromatherapy or just want to avoid those petroleum based products, this one will remind you of rosemary, sage and lavender, all mixed in a beautiful field. The candle can burn for 150 hours, or it can be used as a perfume solid.

Rose Quartz Heart Stone


Rose quartz has been associated with love since its discovery. But, a rose quartz stone in the shape of a heart is a truly remarkable thing to own. However, to most people it is just a stone which is too clouded by impurities to qualify as a gem, but to those with a heart, it is special despite the impurities. When presented to others, it is a symbol of unconditional love, hence, it is something not lightly given. It is said to instill tenderness and romance to a relationship.



Pink has been permanently associated with feminists. And we don’t know why. But, the fact is if you want your decorations to look soft, it is an excellent choice. These beautiful pink trees will serve the basis for your valentine date, birthday parties, and all other functions. So, whether you want to buy them for yourself or someone you know, they are easy to set up and take down. They will give your room the soft touch you are looking for.

Black Strap Saver


Do you remember that bra/swimming suit you had that made you look absolutely chic? It would still do for ages, if it wasn’t for the loose straps. This is the reason why favorite bras and other strap items are often discarded and left for others. But, thanks to this strap saver, you will not have to do it ever again. It will attach to your perfectly good bra or bathing suit or tank top, and allow it to be used to your heart’s content. Using it is simple and will take about 1 minute of your time granting new life to an old friend.

Did you love our greatest pick: aka the potato? Well, we would be equally happy if you didn’t. After all a break up is the last thing we would want on this special day. Despite our suggestions, remember that the best gift is to make your loved one smile and feel warm. And that can be done without spending a single dime. So, make your loved ones smile this coming Valentine. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon coupon, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code, American Eagle coupon,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, The North Face Coupons, Shein coupons etc.