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The World Wide Web along with all of its out of the world benefits can sometimes tend to be scary if one imagines all the billions of internet users hovering around you at the same time and from all parts of the world! Similarly, all the hackers and rest of the cyber criminals add fuel to the fire. In such a world so infinite, one must have means that can provide some sort of security at least and ensure some reliability. VyprVPN was launched in 2010 by Golden Frog which is internet services and tools provider. VyprVPN allows complete security and comprehensive encryption of all the data of its users and establishes a completely secure connection to the internet. The beta version of the tool was launched in 2011 for windows while it was turned into version 1.0 in 2013 following the great reception that it faced in the two years. In 2012, the mobile version to accommodate android and iOS was also launched so that its users could experience secure surfing from their mobile phones as well. The software is offered in different packages which vary in encryption speeds, volumes and other specifications and the customers can choose as per their needs; moreover, they also offer a freeware so that the users can first get a flavor of the amazing service that Golden Frog has to offer! VyprVPN is greatly admired by people who have to deal with monitored and restricted internet browsing. It’s the company’s mission to promote online freedom in every part of the world.

Along with all the tech – stuff about VyprVPN, they surely have the best customer relationship management team that always lean forward to each query of their clients and try to resolve all of their issues swiftly. They have a live chat box installed over their web site which enhances the level of assistance provided by them while they are also available over all the social media outlets. Similarly, VyprVPN can be installed and used from anywhere in the world and the payments and information from the customers is dealt with extreme security.

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