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Un Tuck It is an online retailer which sells men and women’s shirts and apparel. It was founded back in 2011 and has two on ground stores in addition to its successful ecommerce website. The business was started because the industry had not yet caught up with fashion. Wearing shirts untucked has been the cool thing to do and yet the founders could not find a shirt which was made specifically for wearing without tucking it in. This made them go on a journey which would eventually culminate in launching their own brand in 2011.

Things to know about them

  • Started in 2011
  • A premium retailer with fabulous materials
  • Primarily sell untucked shirts
  • Two stores: one in Chicago and the other in NYC

The Products

Before we launch into the range of products, let us tell you about what makes them so special. To do this we will start with what is wrong with your normal shirts with respect to wearing them untucked. They are just too long to be worn without tucking them in. This results in an unkempt look which is very disturbing once you start paying attention. Their solution is a shirt which has been specifically designed to counter this problem. Their shirts have the ideal length for wearing them untucked. They are designed to reach exactly halfway between the belt and the bottom of the zipper. This in turn gives you easy access to pockets. They are also available in a range of different fittings to cater to different physiques.

Their products are divided into the following categories: Shirts, Polos, Tees & Henleys, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Women, and Final Sale.



Their shirts section is further divided into Short Sleeves, Button Down, Non-Iron, Classics, Plaid, Gingham, Check & Stripes, etc. They have a sizable collection which will suit most people.

The classics are available in three basic materials. Oxford is the soft and durable stuff, whereas Poplin is a lightweight fabric with a silky weave. They are available in a range of different colors. We especially loved their Chambray in Blue. This would be the ideal “tough it out” designer shirt for any collection. But, if you are more interested in Short Sleeves, then they have you covered there as well. Once again, they are available in all colors and sizes. If like us you are interested in the materials used along with the outward appearance then you will have ample information in that department.



Polos are favored by a majority of people due to their casual nature and comfortable feel. They were invented to give you a full range of movement when taking part in a more physical activity. Originally designed for tennis athletes, this has now become a symbol for almost all sports.

Their collection of polos is admirable. From cotton to pique, you will find them in a range of comfortable materials and fabulous designs.

Tees & Henley’s

Their collection consists of some really cool plain half sleeve and full sleeved t-shirts. But, having said that, this is not their strongest suit. You will be better served by shopping at End’s Clothing or American Eagle.


Their sweatshirt collection consists of casual classic layers. They are made just right for doing some sweat drenching exercise. They will keep you comfortable while you work your muscles to either get into shape or maintain one.



They do not have the largest collection of women’s shirts that we have seen online. But, if you want their specially designed shirts which are made for wearing untucked, then this collection is more than enough. You will find pieces which are good for the office along with others which will be ideal for the weekend.

Customer Service, Shipping, and Social Media

All of their operations are backed by solid customer service which will work efficiently so resolve any issues that you face in using their products. Having trouble with something? You can simple call them up or send them an email to get their help in resolving the issue. Or, if you purchase from their on-ground store then simply walk in and ask for assistance. But, if you are a strict online fan, even then you will get access to some really splendid benefits, which include free shipping on qualifying orders along with free returns and exchanges.

And if you want to go a step ahead and really want to know the news and updates, you can subscribe to their newsletter or follow their social media pages on popular networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


UnTuckIt.com is an excellent place to buy shirts, which will look good when worn untucked. But, we know branded wear can be very expensive and Un Tuck It is no exception. Hence, if you are looking for some latest UnTuckIt.com coupon codes to bring down the prices, then you have come to the right place. Rebateszone will increase your buying power by equipping you with promo codes. But, be wary of their expiration deadlines which are quite tight.