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logouggUGG Australia is a footwear company that was originally established in 1981, and for more than 34 years it has been crafting the highest-quality shoes. You can find much more about UGG in the following review

Story and Introduction

ugg_locations_store_lp_editUGG Australia is the only Australian company that makes footwear from sheepskin. The company is based in Melbourne. It is one of the defining characteristics of the company that it wants all its customers to know that how the product they are buying or using is created by making use of highest quality sheepskin here in Melbourne. The company is very proud of its products as well as its location that is Melbourne, Australia.

Preserving the Culture

ugg-shoes1The company not only makes the highest quality and unique standard products, but its main aim is to preserve the Australian culture, and it does so by hard work, craftsmanship, and perseverance. The idea that was laid 3 generations earlier still lies intact. The company uses Australian raw material not only because it is of the highest quality, but also because it wants to preserve the cultural heritage of Australia, so anyone who wears these shoes will remember forever that these shoes are made in Australia.

Name of the Company

celebrities-wearing-uggsIt is not certain to anybody that from where the idea of the name of the company came from, but somehow, it is related to the comfort that the UGG shoes provide. Whenever you wear these shoes, it is likely that you will make the sigh of “hug” or “Ahhh” because of the comfort these shoes provide. These two feelings combined constitute the name of the company. However, the name UGG is much disputed and the company won the name after a decade’s dispute. Now the company is a registered trademark and is based in Australia.

Personal Tannery

sheepsNo great company is afraid of the hard work and so is UGG. The company is so selective in the choice of raw materials and when it found that it cannot get the aspired-quality products from outside, it accepted a new challenge and opened a tannery of its own. It certainly requires some hard work, but it also ensures that the customer gets the right product. The name of the company’s tannery is Roman Tannery, and the processes it incorporates are eco-friendly. The leather is first cleaned, combed, buffed, polished, and finally, it is dyed with care.

Information Graphics

The website is very simple, eloquent, and elegant. It is a perfect glimpse of the quality products it offers. The website features a white background and on the top of the homepage, the logo of the company is mentioned. On the top right corner, there are social media extensions, search bar, and options of different paying services. A little down all the categories are mentioned. A little down, there is an excellent quality slideshow with HD pictures, and which gives you a glimpse of the products that the company offers. Further down there is a square collage of different products and other information. At the bottom of the homepage, there are frequently asked questions, shipping and returning policies and other information regarding services.

The overall theme of the website is white on which different pictures are added. Blue color is used entirely for options and other descriptions; this blue and white contrast gives the appearance of elegance.


The main categories of the products offered by UGG are Christmas, Men, Women, Kids, Home-wares, Accessories and Sale. Here is a brief description of different categories separately.


f16-oct-gifts-for-herChristmas category is actually a guide for the persons who want to buy gifts for their loved ones. It educates you about the relevance and importance of different products that can be bought for the occasion of Christmas and likewise can be given to someone as a gift. The products in this category are scuffs, slippers, baby booties, sheepskin baby rugs, sheepskin cushions, sheepskin pouches, and boots.


logouggIn the Men’s category, you will find products like mini boots, long boots, casual boots, desert boots, sports boots, scuffs, and slippers.


logouggThe Women’s category is subcategorized into essential, luxury range, Swarovski elements, performance, and slippers. All these subcategories contain products of different types.

Home Wares

f16-dec-home-rewards_12-26In the Home Wares category, you can explore square cushions, rectangular cushions, sheepskin cushions, deer cushions, goat cushions, Sheepskin ottoman, baby sheepskin rugs, and goat leather ottoman.

Payments and Customer Services

The company accepts all the famous paying services like Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard etc. The company also offers you remarkable shipping and customer services. Shipping all across Australia is free. If you are looking for shipping information and returns & exchanges details of the company, you can find it on the bottom of the homepage. However, we strongly recommend that you get an overall idea of all the policies of the company before ordering anything.

Social Media Services

The company has strong social media profiles on all the famous social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. All these social media networks serve the company in different ways: the company uses social media services to tell its customers about the latest products as well as other trending fashions. It is also for the convenience of the customers because many people visit these social media websites on daily basis and that is why they can find their desired products here easily.

Coupons and Benefits

coupon-codeThe shoes and other products offered by the company are so beautiful and remind you of the wildlife and wilderness in general that you will want to buy each and every product, though it’s not practically possible, but it is good to aspire. The overall prices of the products are very moderate, and the company also offers a sale on many products, still, if you are looking for some discounts, Rebateszone can help you in this regard. Rebateszone can provide you UGG coupons and promo codes which you can use to get discounts on many products. However, we suggest that you use these coupons as soon as possible because they have a very short lifespan and they will expire soon.