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There was a time when you had to wave at a taxi to call it to your location, but Uber changed all that. It is one of the greatest upcoming innovative companies of the Silicon Valley, already priced at a market value of $50 billion. The concept behind Uber was to break the monopoly of the taxi agencies operating in the world and to bring independent taxi drivers at par with the agencies, hence, bringing low cost solutions to its customers. Founded back in 2009, it started its operations from San Francisco. Currently, it extends its services to 340 cities all over the world and it is ever expanding its outreach.

So, how does it work? Uber does not employ any drivers of its own, but uses independent contractors who have their own vehicles. All you need to do, to use Uber services, is to have the app installed and have an account. The app is available on Play Store, App Store and Windows store. After that, the money is automatically deducted from that account, whenever you use the services. It increases the safety for both the clients and the drivers, because both do not have to carry cash.

Uber has many benefits over the regulated taxi drivers. First, since it is being operated through an app, it can sometimes bypass rules which regulate the professionals. The greatest benefit, however, is to the customer. Now, you don’t to stand around waiting for a taxi to show up. You can request for a taxi at your location and a Uber taxi will be there to pick you up and take you to your destination.

Most Uber drivers also earn at a greater average rate per hour than the national average in the United States. According to the information Uber released in December 2014, drivers working 35-49 hours a week earned an average of $17-20/hr. The data also revealed that Uber drivers who work more hours get paid at a higher rate. However, Uber has faced stiff competition from the local agencies, with its CEO Kalanick even going so far as to say that regulated taxi industry feels threatened by their mode of operation.

If you are in doubt about Uber and how to use it; you can visit their website for help. It will guide you step by step through everything, and answer most of your questions. You can also reach them through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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