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Title is an online retailer which sells specialized apparel, gear, and accessories for different activities, along with nutritional products. They started operations in 1999 and are currently headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. They also have a brick and mortar store there, which also provides fitness trainings and seminars.

Their story starts with an athlete named Seton Claggett. He was training for his very first Ironman competition, but he could not find any local triathlon equipment shop in the area. It was pretty obvious that if he could not locate something with his resources, others would be facing the same problems. However, it wasn’t the time for investment, as anyone who is even slightly interested in financial history, would recall it as the time when the dot com bubble burst. But, this is the beauty of entrepreneurship; it often starts at a very low level. Claggett did his research and planned meticulously. He was finally able to launch in 2000. Like many other great entrepreneurial businesses, it started from the rooms of his own house. Now, the two bedroom establishment has a 320000 sq ft which houses their offices, warehouse, and a retail store.

But, what are the things that have made them into such a veritable success? We would break it down into their culture, customer oriented business policies, and trained staff. They know that they operate in a highly specialized niche. While many of their customers will never contact them, still there are many new people coming into the specialized sports every day. These are the people who need the most guidance. Although they employee just about a total of 30 people, still their policies and experience make them one of the best in customer service. Many of the employees have themselves participated in the Triathlons and other events. They are well aware of the intricacies of how to select the best gear. It is this experience and their readiness to go the extra mile that has made them a resounding success in their field.

CSR and Environment Protection

However, they have another feather in their cap: Environment friendly policies. There are three main areas which they have marked for themselves: Commuter Program, Building Construction, and Recycling.

Let us start with Recycling. It is a very important measure, which can drastically reduce the number of harmful materials released every day into the environment. They recycle most of their items including bicycle parts, shoes, and their packaging. Their recycle bin is much larger than their dumping bin. But, this is not all, they like to go a step beyond recycling via re-using most of their inbound packaging. Recycling stuff still uses a lot of water and some chemicals when it comes to paper based products. However, if you are able to reuse something, then even that is avoided.

They have a large warehouse and the building has been constructed to using the latest environmental protection materials. The design facilitates the use of natural light, while the materials themselves were mostly recycled products. 90% of their power needs are covered via the installed solar panels and they even have a water harvesting system which can hold 36000 gallons of rain water.


Before we move on to the products let us touch briefly on the Triathlon. In short, Triathlon is the king of multi endurance events. Typically consisting of 3 consecutive endurance sports, it has been going on since the 1920s. The activities involved are usually cycling, running, and swimming. They can be in any order. The most prestigious event in this sport is the Ironman Triathlon. And the person who finishes it first is called the Ironman. Want do know why? It is simple you have to Swim for 2.4 miles, then Bike for 112 miles, and at the last there is a marathon of 26.2 miles. And if you, like us start panting just at the thought of it, you can always try for various other events, which won’t get you the title of Ironman, but will test you nevertheless.

The Products

They have a range of products covering different events. They are divided into the following categories: Swim, Bike, Run, Clothing, Nutrition, Training, and Electronics. Let us go through these categories briefly to get a better understanding of their collection.



Swimming constitutes the first leg of most Triathlon events. Whether you are shopping for a triathlon event or a standalone swimming event, you will find a range of different gear which is just right for you. The section is further divided into sections such as wetsuits, speed suits, swim wear, caps, safety, etc. Being comfortable with your gear is very important for any professional event. Make sure that you buy the best and then break in the equipment before you go for the final event.



This category is much more versatile, but it can be divided into two main parts: Bikes and accessories. They have a large range of different bikes available from top of the line manufacturers such as Kestrel, Quitanta Roo, Argon 18, ORBEA, Litespeed, etc. You can go to their individual pages via the links on the main bikes page or you can use their site search feature for saving some time. Just enter the right keywords and it will likely bring up the products that you are looking for.

Some people have all the luck and are in an area where training outdoors is possible throughout the year. But, for most of us it isn’t. This is why, to keep fit, we have to either go to a fitness center or bring home some equipment such as the Smart Trainers featured on their website. Essentially speaking, a smart cycle trainer is just a piece of equipment which will allow you to ride your bike in the safety and relative warmth of your attic or exercise room. But, why not use a stationary cycle for that? That is a good question. For best results, it is best to use the actual equipment rather than some fake imitation. These trainers can have other benefits as well. They can provide different levels of resistance and elevation to make the training more efficient.  Their collection features cheap ones which will just cost you a hundred dollars to really expensive ones which easily go into the thousands category.

Times were when bikes used to be the simplest of rides, but now things have changed a lot. Most cyclists prefer to use cyclometers on their bikes nowadays. And it makes a lot of sense too. Rather than imprecise estimations, these mini attachable computers can give you exact readings for distance travelled, bike speed, and various other small nit bits. Most of them are lightweight and can be integrated with smartphones.

When you are going to ride for 112 miles, then you will need some really good hydration solutions.  Managing your strength and hydration levels is a very important part of any endurance sport, but for biking it is more important because it is one of the longest parts of the Triathlon. Unlike the marathon you don’t have to carry anything with you for hydration. They have a lot of different hydration solutions for just bikes that will make the task very easy and effortless indeed. From simple bike mounted water systems to hydration bladders which can be attached to the bike and will provide you hands free access to all the hydration fluid you require.

Their lubricant and skin care section will provide you access to various balms and creams which will help you recover from foot sores, aches, and rash. Every athlete takes steps to prevent these things, but sometimes they are just inevitable and hence having the relevant products to combat them efficiently is essential to the job. This is supplemented by other products such as sunscreens and detergents which will help you along the way.



Running is the last part of the Ironman tournament and although they have equipment in this section geared towards running, some of it will help you in the first two legs of the event as well. These include fitness tracking equipment, shoes, transition bags, and running apparel.

Perhaps one of the most important parts of running gear is the socks. It is a well-known fact that normal socks barely last the day in endurance running events. That is why we suggest that special care be given to the socks. You don’t want them to get all soggy on you and take away from your performance just when you are gaining a lead in the race. These small things can matter a lot in the end. At the end of the day, you need to be as comfortable as you can.


The Clothing section is further divided into Base Layers, Compression Clothing, Cycling Apparel, Run Clothing, Socks, etc. It is pretty much a one stop shop for all your apparel needs. Whether you are looking for a comfortable pair of running shorts or a suit for the swimming part of the event, you will find their stocks to be updated and full of options.

Compression clothing is good for recovery and may help to reduce strain even during the exercise. The studies regarding them have been quite promising. They have some excellent pieces of compression clothing in their articles starting from simple compression socks to compression shorts and tops for cycling.


You can train all you want, but it can all be brought to nothing if you are not taking in the right kind of nutrition. They have a whole variety of the top brands listed on their website. These will equip you with supplements and other items such as energy bars and drinks that will maintain your electrolytic balance during the exercise. They even have electrolytic chews which, as the name suggests, you will have to chew to return the essential minerals to your body.


Electronics have become an essential part of our daily life. Whether it is for tracking our training efforts or the advanced training equipment, it all involves electronics now. If you love to record your adventures then they have some really cool action cameras which will record your rides through the tracks.


Blogging is an excellent way to reach out to your clients and Tri Sports has an excellent blog which can be followed to stay abreast of the company news and detailed insider articles on featured products. We would highly recommend reading through their article titled: Tips on How to Stay Injury Free. It makes some really interesting points which will help most newcomers to the game. After you have trained hard and gone through all your routine, there is another thing which is of equal importance: sleep. Most people forget to have a good night’s sleep due to busy schedules and that can lead to poor form.

Coupons and Benefits

Whether you are a newcomer just starting your training for the first local triathlon event or a pro who is gearing up to win the Ironman tournament this year, we suggest that you look through this excellent website for your gear. But, all this equipment can be expensive for the average participant, so you can use these May 2016 coupon codes to bring down their prices. It will help you get the best at the lowest price.

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