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Title is an ecommerce setup for one of the largest toy chains stores in America. It provides toys for toddlers as well as children who have crossed into their teenage years. It also has a sister website which caters to other needs of children, mainly in the form of care and decoration. It has 866 stores in the US alone and a further 700 + stores in the international markets. Having presence in almost all continents of the world, it is one of the largest toy chains in the world as well.


It all started back in 1948, shortly after the World War 2. After destruction and war comes a period where the population tries to come to normal levels. So, it was in the baby boom era after the tragic events in World War II that Charles P. Lazarus founded a huge Super mart in Washington D.C. it was primarily a baby furniture retail setup with other items mixed in. However, he found that the store received constant requests from parents to also have toys for the older children. Nevertheless, the business was still in its infancy and anything like that would have been highly risky.

But, when they were more established and had funds, they finally expanded fully into the toys market and hence Toys R Us came to be in 1957. Their venture into the children’s toys market was so successful that they pretty much forced their competitors out of the business. This success continued until to the dot com era when newer competitors like Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon entered the market. It has since lost its dominant position in the industry with Wal-Mart crossing it in sales volume way back in 1998. It has been a steady but slow ride from there. They now have a successful ecommerce setup which puts them at par with modern retailers mentioned before.

The Products

They offer a very large range of toys for kids of all ages. You can browse the toys using gender classification, age groups, and categories. Let us go through their categories briefly to see what they have up for sale.

Action Figures and Hero Play

Action Figures

The American society is a leader in Hero worship. People just love their heroes and kids are no different. In fact, most of us get our sense of justice and fairness from timeless characters like Captain America, Justice League, Baby Looney Tunes, and many others. We all have had a favorite character since childhood. Sometimes it changes with age. So, a person may start with liking Elsa, but as they reach into their teens then they may get more inclined towards Hermione or countless other heroes and heroines.

Their section provides a vast range of action figures which preserve these lovable personalities into tiny toy versions. So, whether your child likes minions from the Despicable Me franchise or is into the time defying Pokemons, you will find their collection to be just downright amazing. The thing about action figures is that with every new addition the stories around the characters become more complex. For children are simple, with every new addition there is a new favorite in town and the plays that acted through, may have a cyclical nature for characters already in the box.

Toy Blasters

Toy Blasters

This is a subcategory of Action figures. Why? We have no idea. But, we will treat it as a separate category, because the fun that can be had using these pretend weapons is just downright mind blowing. The first subcategory in this subcategory is NERF. They have a whole section just reserved for this manufacturer. You will find their blasters, swords, and even bows in this section. We just loved their NERF N-Strike Elite Rhino – Fire Blaster. We doubt there is a person in town who would not love it. It is the best thing that you can have on a pretend battlefield. It can fire short range missiles without the need to load constantly. So, it is kind of a short range automatic missile launcher which comes with its own Launchpad as well. It comes equipped with 25 dart drums, 50 Elite Darts, and a tripod stand along with instructions. Obviously, this means that it is only suitable for children above the age of 8.

The second subcategory is BoomCo. They may not have many blasters, but they have some really cool handgun options with them. We would recommend BoomCo Spinsanity Blaster. After all there is nothing more cool than a hand gun which has three 10 dart chambers all ready to go haywire in battle. 30 of the darts are smart stick and will stick to the included target in the package.

Let us now move on to Water Blasters and Soakers. There is nothing more fun in the summer than to have a pretend war in the background using water blasters. It keeps everyone busy and is even more fun if combined with a pool for the kids to splash in afterwards. With blasts up to 30 feet and a water tank of 1 liter, it is no wonder that any serious water blaster enthusiast would choose The Sizzlin Aqua Energy X02 Water Blaster for sure.

Bikes, Scooters & Ride-On

Bikes ride ons

Learning to ride a bike is one of the most important events in any kid’s life. Traditionally, the skill is passed down by either parents or sometimes older siblings. Most adults carry on the sweet memories of when they first learned to ride the bike. What do they have in this section? They have a lot. In fact, they have tiny vehicles which will serve toddlers as well as bicycles which can be driven by older kids.

Let us start with rocking horses. They have the whole variety in this sub section. Whether you are looking for a unicorn, bike, airplane, monkey, cow, or pretty much anything you can think of rocking toy, you will find it here. They even have one cute little Barry bear which will be perfect for children who love teddy bears.

Let us talk tricycles now. They are the kid friendly version of a bicycle. Typically having 3 wheels, hence the name tricycle, they are perfect for some fun riding around the yard. But, if your kids love the tricycle, they will love the Italtrike Pilot 200 Orange Tricycle with 2 Seats even more. This one even has some under the seat storage space for supplies.

Some kids are just not satisfied with the simpler stuff and have an innate desire, quite like their parents, for cool new gadgets. This is where the powered rides come in. But, to be honest almost every kid would want a powered dune racer. It has a rechargeable battery, can drive on rough terrain, and since there are two seats, you can take your best friend along on the ride of a lifetime. Despite that, parents need not worry as it can just go up to 5 mph forward and about 2.5 mph backward. Or if your little guy or gal likes to go solo, then we would recommend something along the lines of Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX. It is a mini ATV which runs on clean rechargeable batteries. It has a tough and durable design which is made to last for years of rough riding.

This brings us at last to the bicycles section. They have a really large collection of these. Starting from balance bikes for toddlers they reach to a maximum of 29 inch wheels for ages 12-14 years. They even have a collection of Specialty bikes. But, they are better left to adults for now.

Vehicles, Trains and Cars

This is another one of their most popular categories. We don’t really know why, but most boys are fascinated by trucks. It is just mind boggling. But then there are other which are more into model kits. It would be wrong to generalize along these lines.

Drones are all the craze these days. What with FAA laying down rules for registration and schools opening up all over the US which teach the essentials of flying a drone, we feel getting your kid a drone would be one of the best gifts you can give. They have the whole range of drones any parent could wish for their kid. Starting from really low priced ones from about $10, they easily crossover into expensive ones at $500 +. Flying a drone is no simple thing. We would recommend that you start with something small, so that your child can get the hang of the thing. Once he has mastered the basics, then you can move him/her to a better one. Incidentally, if you want to learn as well, the method is pretty much the same.

But, drones aren’t the only things which can fly. Before drones became all the craze there were RC helicopters to entertain people. They still hold their own, but things have definitely shifted. They also have some really cool stuff from Fast Lane in this section.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Today it is no longer enough for customers that a company provides quality products. CSR is as important to the company’s relations with its customers as the actual product quality. And this is as it should be. If you are getting a product which is being produced in some developing country by people who barely make ends meet then it should be a problem.

So, what is Toys R Us doing in terms of CSR initiatives? They have a solid company policy which is geared to achieve high standards of CSR. It all starts with a philosophy of diversity and inclusion. Their employees all over the world are from different backgrounds and cultures, which will undoubtedly lead to differences. However, they treasure this diversity, which only makes them stronger. This diversity has been the basis of their innovative products and creative solutions.

This is backed by Responsible Sourcing. They strictly enforce their rules regarding sourcing. And special care is taken that their partners do not use or encourage child labor or indentured labor. To enforce these they require their partners to facilitate random checks carried out by their teams. Furthermore, these teams also ensure that the safety standards with respect to the products are being followed as well.

But, their CSR initiatives do not end in passive measures only. They contribute regularly to local chapters of charities like Make A Wish, Toys for Tots, KIDS, Save the Children and various others. Make a Wish foundation is a charity which helps children with life threatening diseases to cope with the effects. They operate primarily in the US and its territories. KIDS is an organization which provides gifts to families who live below the poverty line. Their donations to these organizations amount to almost $30 million USD.


We know there are a whole lot of other categories which we have not touched upon yet. But, due to editorial restrictions, this is all we have for now. One thing is for sure though, they have a really good variety and throughout our sojourn we found the ecommerce setup to be full of options. If you do not like something, there is always something else that will capture your attention.

Coupons and Benefits

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