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The following is an illustration of some of the specialty bulbs that are available for sale to customers.
Fresh2 Odor Eliminating Light Bulbs!
This is more than just a compact fluorescent light bulb. This is a great revolution. It is a great product has the capacity to break down odors. The bulb provides both energy and light in a very efficient manner. This bulb is a favorite of many customers because it really does not mask any odors. This is where it beats the majority of air fresheners available in the market. In real sense it works towards eliminating the odors. This bulb works in a very simple manner. There is some Titanium Dioxide coating on it which starts working immediately the bulb is turned on. It takes approximately some 10 minutes for its effects to be felt. The bulb is extremely efficient in the manner that it works. The end result is a healthier and fresher atmosphere than you have ever thought possible.
This specialty bulb is quite unique in that it fits any standard socket at home or office. This bulb should suitably be used in those places where there are constant odors. A good example at this point will be in order. The veterinary offices, trash areas, locker rooms, restrooms, gyms, basements and damp areas are among the few places where the bulb will fit squarely.
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