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This is a textile manufacturing company that was established by Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, he had vast background experience in fashion designing, and high entrepreneurial skills which have been attributed to the success of the company. Instead of furthering his studies, Hilfiger joined the world of retail business when just eighteen, where he bought jeans and restyled them before selling them out at an attractive price in his store located at Elmira. Later on, Hilfiger established a personal store that was commonly known as The Peoples Place, this was as well located in Elmira. Unfortunately, the store had to close down as the textile market shifted to New York and he had no option but to relocate to the new market.

The founder turned down various offers to work for other companies despite the fact that he was broke at the moment and his business was doing fine. After a long struggle, he finally succeeded in establishing the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation that was soon to go public with the assistance of other companies such as the Murian group that had gone public back in 1992; he then came up with his selling signature Men’s collection. This company experienced a fast rate of growth and this is evident from the fact that by year 2004, the company already had 5,400 workers and annual revenues exceeding $1.8 billion. This company received a major boost in public image after being named the best designer for men’s clothing in 1995 by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

This company has had various deals with the American celebrities with the most notable one being an endorsement deal for RnB singer Aaliyah that was to honor her during the 1998 fashion show that Hilfiger hosted in Jamaica. Later on in 1999, Hilfiger sponsored singer Britney Spears during her tour known as Baby One More Time.
Due to a large drop in profits, in 2006 the founder decided to sell out his company for $1.6 Billion to a private investment company known as Apax partners. After a couple of years, in 2010 the company was sold out to the owner of Calvin Klein clothing line for $3 billion. The founder has been recognized a lot in the American fashion industry. That is why in March 2012, he was accorded post of fashion consultant on American Idol.

Tommy Hilfiger is available in more than 90 countries and has been ranked among the best companies in the sale of textiles. This brands appeals to most consumers in that it offers then a wide range of high quality apparel, lifestyle products as well as accessories. The target market is 20-45 years although the as well produce items for other age groups.
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