T.M.Lewin Coupons & Promo Codes

T.M. Lewin is one of the oldest shirt makers in London, UK. It was started by Thomas Mayes Lewin in 1898 and has since been in business having survived two world wars and several other ups and downs. It currently has more than 100 stores in UK alone, but it has been expanding continuously to other parts of the world including US, Europe, and Australia. It has supplied uniforms and accessories to the RAF and the British Army on several occasions including the World Wars. It still drives business from the State Institutions. It also provided the ties for London 2012 Olympics.

The website has their products in the following main categories: Offers, Shirts, Suits, Coats, Casual, Ties, Accessories, Women, and Occasions. Offers include various offers on their products such as 5 men’s shirts for $160, etc. The Shirts section will give you access to all their shirts. These include regular, slim, fitted, super fitted, casual, non-iron, and evening shirts. Suits have a similar arrangement and categorization to Shirts.

The Coats section is a blast to browse through. The designs are exquisite and the make is just perfect. We were especially impressed by their Canterbury Grey Coat. Made out of 100% wool to keep its wearer warm, it was eye candy and perhaps one of the best products from their store. The rest of the sections had a similar diversity and range of products.

If you are impressed by their attention to detail and craftsmanship and would like to browse through their collection, visit their website. You can order all the products online, or visit one of their numerous on ground stores. Shipping is free on select orders, but read through their detailed shipping policy for further details. The website is secure and accepts all major online payment options. In case of any difficulties, customer service can be contacted via phone or email. Additionally, you can follow them through posts on Facebook, their Twitter Feed, or pictures through Instagram.

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