Ties.com Coupon Codes, Promo Code

Ties.com is an online retailer of ties, shoelaces, socks, and other accessories. It started back in 2000 and since has been providing customers with online access to their vast collection of ties. It was successful from the very beginning and has since emerged as one of the biggest online retailers for the tie industry.

The website features a simple and navigation friendly design. The main categories of products are displayed right at the top of the home page. These include Neckties, Skinny ties, Bow ties, Novelty ties, Tie Racks, Tie bars, Sale, and More. More contains all their other list of products such as socks, pocket squares, scarves, cufflinks, etc.  Coming down the home page will give you access to options such as Order Tracking, Shipping, and their social media accounts.

The Neckties section can be further divided according to color, size, pattern, or material. The novelty ties section includes a vast range of special ties which range from Elements tie for chemistry lovers to a tie which has the world map on its surface. We were also impressed with their collection of tie bars. They had a vast range of Executive Clasps as well as those made out of Walnut Wood.

If you are impressed by their range of products and would like to see the whole collection, visit their website. You can order the products online and have them shipped to your address. Shipping is free on select orders, however, we would advise you to read through their shipping policy at least once. The website is secure and accepts all major online payment methods including Visa and MasterCard.

In case of difficulties, customer service is available via phone or email. Additionally, you can follow them through Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, and Pinterest. They also maintain an extremely interesting and useful blog. It contains instructions on how to tie the different knots, along with many other interesting tidbits about some of their other products. We were especially impressed by their detailed article on Cufflinks.

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