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The Shelving Store Company has been in operation since 1960s. The company majorly provides storage as well as shelving products to its customers. The main focus is on commercial spaces and warehouses. In order to bring on affordable and stylish storage products and shelving services, Shelving Store was started in 2007. The major focus of this new outfit was on style and organizational structure.That is how the company embarked on the journey of finding innovative ways of organizing spaces.

It is very evident that life becomes easier when places are clean and highly organized. The company’s greatest prides is in having products of very high quality. The company has many stores and warehouses which make it possible for the products to be supplied much more easily. The products range from those which are mounted on walls to those which make shelves. The company is family owned and operated with a strong sense of pride in serving the community. The company’s offices are located in Southeastern Michigan. The company runs two eCommerce websites which can be credited for the monumental success that has been witnessed in the recent past.

The Shelving Store has a small number of employees who are able to manage the company activities. They are 10 employees in total. That number is manageable in keeping the working environment casual and fun. The employees are happy and any visit a customer will be encouraged to go back again.

The Chrome Wire Shelving
Chrome wire shelving is a technique which makes life highly organized. The technique makes storage easier. The customer can choose a shelf which is mounted on the wall or one which is free standing.
The Wire Shelving and Wall Mounted Wood
This system is very versatile and there is a modular shelving system which is normally used to create closets. They are used in libraries and garages for storage purpose. The shelves are strong durable making a great use of the available space in the offices and homes.

Wire Closet Shelving Kits
In home organization, closet storage is of the largest concern when creating more space. A large number of closets do not have enough space , especially those found in older homes. There are many customized solutions in provision of closet shelving the design services. If you do not know where to start from, you can be advised on the best customized solution. It does not matter whichever closet shelving option you select.

Wire Closet Shelving Components
People who are very handy in whatever they do, they can design their own closet storage system instead of using the already existing designs. The customer is always given the closet components to use in coming up with a system of choice. The shelving can be made off wires, uprights and brackets. There are a large number of finishes as well as lengths to choose from.
This is the best way to bring elegance and style to your home. There is a decorative wall shelving available at the Shelving Store. The shelves can be made of glass, wood and even leather!

The Creative Storage
There are great techniques of putting shelves in areas which are overcrowded or small in size.
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