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We have finally come to the outdoor giant, with a heartwarming story. So, how did The North Face fare in our review, just read on to find out.

Who They Are

Simply put they are one of the most respected outdoor apparel and accessories brand out there, almost having the same stature as Back Country. The main difference is that The North Face manufactures and sells only its own brand of products. Its inventory consists of outerwear, and various types of equipment for hiking, climbing, etc. As can be surmised, its clothing and equipment are targeted towards mountaineers, skiers, hikers, snowboarders, and college students.

It sells its products through various department stores and outdoor retailers. At the moment, it has 55 retail and 20 outlet locations in the United States; in addition to the successful e-commerce website and their headquarters in Alameda, California.


A Brief History

It was started back in 1968, in a small retail space catering to the needs of climbing enthusiasts. Over the years, it expanded its inventory to include most of what we see today. Currently owned by the VF Corporation, it has changed a couple of hands in the past. Together, the North face and Janisport, which is a sister website, manufactured more than half the small backpacks that were sold in the United States in 2007.

It is known for its CSR initiatives, which promote a healthy lifestyle and outdoor activities in the upcoming generation. They have sponsored many athletes for different tournaments, who also serve them in the capacity of brand ambassadors.

Claim to Fame

The North Face has many claims to fame, but we have selected the following for you.

  • Cool Stores and amiable customer service which helps you to enter into the arena of outdoor activism.
  • Durable products which last decades
  • Countless CSR initiatives to promote healthy lifestyle among the younger generation
  • Holding various competitions and events throughout the year which promote activities such as rock climbing, skiing, hiking, etc.

CSR Initiatives/ Get Outdoor


They have a total of five programs running at the moment. Since, we are full hearted supporters of their efforts; we will include small briefs about all five of them.

The North Face Endurance Challenge

This is for the professionals, although anyone who thinks he can train for it can enter it. This will test your endurance. It features a range of different events from races for small kids to full blown 14 hour marathons for athletes. This means that even if you do not get fit enough for the main endurance event, you can still participate in others.

Mountain Athletics Training

This is their free Mountain Athletics Training Program. It is held twice a week Tuesday and Thursday at 06:30 pm Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. You will get expert advice from their trainers. It’s a good opportunity to hone up some mountain skills.

Never Stop Exploring Speaker Series

This is a collection of tales and adventures from their athletes. It has a motivating effect on most people.

Park & Pipe Virtual Competition

Their virtual competition for professional and amateur free skiers can be entered by registering with them and uploading your video. This will then be judged and the winners announced after the event.

Fund Grants

Non-profit organizations can apply for fund grants which work to promote outdoor activities among the next generation.

Here, look at this video of their philosophy:

Website Design

The website features an interesting design, which is reminiscent of the activities they promote. Perhaps, it is the high-definition pictures in the background of mountain ranges and hiking trails that enhance this effect or it is the nature of the products themselves; regardless, just looking at the site makes you want to go for a hiking trip.

The main categories are listed the top center of every page and include Sale, Men, Women, Kids, Shoes, Equipment, Custom, Activities, Featured, Get Outdoors, and More. The center of the home page contains a beautiful collage of their best-selling products and latest deals. The customary company information, policies, and social media page links can be found at the bottom of page.

Ease of Navigation

The website employs a light theme, which is contrasted against the colorful pictures from Mother Nature. This leads to a soothing effect and an overall ease in reading the content. The website is optimized for navigation. Each of the main categories is further divided into subcategories to make the browsing easier. They all don’t have unique products, but serve as alternate forms of classification. It works wonders when you’re unsure about what to buy, but still need to get the equipment. On the other hand, if you have a list, then using the site search feature located at the top right of every page would yield results much faster.

The Actual Products

Products 1

As stated earlier, most of their products are aimed towards athletes and outdoor lovers. However, that does not mean that normal bench warmers like us cannot benefit from them. Let us go through their categories one by one, to see what they have to offer

The Sale Category is pretty much self-explanatory, it is divided into the rest of their categories and contains all the items on their website which are currently on sale. This is good if you have had your eye on a particular piece, but it always seemed to be a bit extravagant to spend upon. The things on sale have reduced prices, which provide the ideal opportunity to add them to your collection.

Men’s Category lists all the apparel for men. It is mostly in the form of gear, which has some very useful classification options to go to your area of interest. So, for example, the apparel for men can be divided according to activities like Hiking, Running, Climbing, etc. They also have the regular classification of apparel into Jackets, Tops, Bottoms, etc. The whole system is designed to be efficient.


The Women’s Category has a very similar arrangement to that of Men’s. Obviously, the products are more stylish and chic, while not compromising any usefulness. First of all, they are definitely more shapely when compared to Men’s, and they come in a range of colors. We were especially enamored with the Women’s Nitchie Insulated Parka, which is just the ideal product when you go for extended mountain climbing tours. The color would also provide some relief from the uniform white vertical fields of snow. But, that is just our assessment and other people may differ.

The Kid’s Category is there to ease the entry of the next generation into the love of the outdoors and outdoor athleticism. With items for Boys, Girls, and even toddlers, they tend to provide a one stop shop for families who like to enjoy some time on base camps over the world. Once again, there is a lot of variety which will attract the young kids, making your job easier. The girls will love the pink, blue, and the multitudes of other shades present in their collection of jackets, tops, and bottoms. On the other hand, the boys, despite having a lesser range of colors,                  will love the section nonetheless.

The Shoes Section will give you access to their range of specialized hiking, winter, and training foot wear. The section is divided along the lines of gender and age groups. Let us share a couple of favorites with you. First comes the Men’s Chilkat 400 Boot and believe us there is not a person who will not love this absolutely fabulous product. Insulated, made out of leather, water proof, and rated at -40F, this is your best bet to stay warm if you plan to go to the colder regions. But, if you are hiking in the warmer regions, then using their breathable and waterproof Ultra Hike series would be preferable.

The Women equivalent of the above would be the Women’s Shellista II Mid Boot for the colder regions and the Women’s Ultra Hike II for the warmer hikes.

The Equipment Category mainly consists of their backpacks, duffels, and sleeping bags. The sleeping bags come in three categorizations below 5°F,  5° – 25 °F, and above 25° F. Whether you are buying something for your next expedition to the peaks of the world or just a trip down the trails, they have everything you could possibly dream of.

A similar vast array can be found in the duffels and backpack collection. With technical backpacks like Favero 85, which has a total capacity of 85 liters and separate compartment for sleeping back, you are sure to fall in love with their equipment. Further benefits of the mentioned bag include a separate breathable compartment to dry your clothes on the go, and tool pockets, which can be accessed easily.


Now, let us move to Tents. We feel that this is one of the most important parts of your trip, as without proper rest you won’t have the energy to continue on your journey. Having a proper tent will provide you ample room to rest and protection from the elements. They have a nice collection of tents in their inventory.

From single person, to ones which support up to 4 people, they have the ideal one for your expedition or the ole camping trip. This is where the durability factor really kicks in, especially, when you are expecting to face some harsh weather conditions in your journey. Any tent that you select needs to be a virtual bomb proof shelter. This is even more important in colder climates.

So, if you are a family person, who likes a bit of space, then we would recommend their Kaiju 6, which can sleep up to 6 people. On the other hand, if you are looking for a base camp upgrade, then try their 2 Meter Dome. This is what we mean when we say a virtual bomb proof shelter. And let us tell you that its durability is counted in decades rather than years. It will easily last you a couple of decades, in some extreme weather conditions.

The Activity Specific Apparel can be found in the Activities Section. This category will reduce the number of choices to your relevant activity. It’s a good way to save some time.

Payments, Customer Service, and Social Media

The website is secure and accepts all major online payment options like Visa and MasterCard. You can shop through their various mobile apps, which are available across the platforms. Products can be ordered online and shipped to your address. However, we would suggest going through their shipping policy for complete details before ordering the stuff. Also, it is prudent to compare the sizing charts before buying any apparel.

Customer service for their ecommerce setup is available via phone and email. They will help you in choosing the right products and also resolve any issues that you face in using their products and services. Additionally, you can follow them on their social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +.

Our Conclusion

The North Face is an excellent place to buy all your outdoor stuff and gear. They have a range and diversity of durable and time tested products which will enhance your experience of the outdoors by making you as comfortable as possible. When their customer service and CSR initiatives are added to the quality of their products, it just makes an amazing venture which benefits the society. So, we undeniably rate them as an A+ Business.

Coupons and Benefits

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How to Use The North Face Coupons 2016

1. Go to their website and select the products that you wish to purchase.

2. Add them to the Cart one by one.

3. When you are done adding, just click the Cart icon in the top right corner of your page.

4. This will open a summary of all the selected items.

5. Just review them once to delete anything which you no longer want.

6. You will find the APPLY A The North Face PROMO CODE box at the right side, underneath the Proceed to Checkout.

7. Just copy the relevant The North Face Coupon code from our website and paste it there. Click Apply.

8. The page will refresh and the new summary will reflect the The North Face discount.

9. If you are satisfied with your selection then just click Proceed to Checkout and follow their instructions to complete the purchase.