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The Flex Belt is the first Ab Belt Toning System which has been approved by FDA for use in toning. Toning is the process of strengthening or firming the stomach muscles. You can use this flex belt even if you are too tired or busy to engage yourself in a traditional workout. You will only be required to wear the toning Ab belt. The belt is comfortable and has been demonstrated clinically to be very effective in achieved goals. The technology employed helps in stimulating the nerves to relax and contract accordingly. The wearing of this belt gives you a benefit of abdominal workout that serves all the muscles on your abdomen. The flex belt can be used for only half an hour every day.

The flex belt is known to cause a stimulation of all the stomach muscles and simultaneously provide the users with great abdominal contraction. The belt helps to work the upper and lower abs. Imagine the belt does everything for you. There is no need to get worried about your body form if you are engaging in the use of the flex belt. This technology has been proved to be capable of making your stomach muscles much firmer, toned and stronger. It does not matter where you are. You may be at home, folding laundry, at the place of work, watching TV, taking a walk or better still helping the kids with their homework. The belt can be used anytime and anywhere.

The flex belt is built in a very unique way. It is made up of medical-grade Gel Pads. These pads are three in number and are pre-positioned. The pads cover the external obliques and central abdominals. During the toning session, signals are sent from the Flex Belt to reach the nerves where they are highly concentrated most.
These nerves are known to branch out to all stomach muscles which make them to relax and contract in a natural manner. That means all the muscles are worked on at the same time. It is not only the muscles under the gel pads.
The Flex Belt does not use guesswork. It is based on some proven science. That means it is 100% medical science. This is the first Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) product in the market. The technology used in this product is cleared by FDA as a class II medical device. It is sold directly to the consumers in the market. The company that manufactures the Flex Belt has its headquarters in Galway, Ireland. This is a medical device manufacturer with over 40 years experience in this business. They come up with leading designs in this area. They market their devices for use by the medical field as well as the general consumers. The devices which use the EMS technology are available in over 5000 clinics globally. The flex belt is capable of generating deep but comfortable contractions that target the entire abs in human stomach area. They generate an effective workout for 30 minutes on a daily basis. The company has over two million customers who report satisfaction on an annual basis.

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