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Title is an online retailer which specializes in kids shoes. It was founded in 1919 by Jacob A. Slosberg and Philip Green. They provide premium footwear for the younger generation – more specifically for ages 0-8. They are currently a part of the WWW or Wolverine World Wide which is one of the largest American footwear companies. Stride Rite makes and sells products under the following brands: Stride Rite, Saucony Kids, Sperry Top-Sider Kids, Keds Kids, Merrel Kids, Hush Puppies Kids, and Jessica Simpson.

A Brief History

They have been successful from the start, but the company actually started its operations as the Green Shoe Company. But, only 12 years after starting the business Green sold his share in the company to Slosberg. The company remained in the Slosberg family and continued to expand, albeit at a slow pace. It was finally incorporated in the NYSE in 1960. The name was changed to Stride Rite in 1966.

The real expansion took place after the 1970s when the company acquired brand names such as Sperry Top Spider and Keds. This acquisition policy continued and over the years they also acquired Saucony and Robeez. The company was bought by Payless Shoe Source in 2007, before being bought out by Wolverine World Wide in 2012.

Stride Rite has a sizable presence in the US, with the total number of stores in the country coming down to a total of 340. But, their success has been due to their philosophy which is geared towards customer care and has been instrumental in their success. They have been helping the younger generation take solid steps for almost a century now. This philosophy has been further strengthened by their commitment to support credible and humanitarian causes. Their foundation operates different day care centers and has been sponsoring students to attend prestigious universities since the 1970s.

Things to Know About Them

  • Started in 1919
  • Name changed to Stride Rite in 1966
  • Currently owned by Wolverine World Wide
  • Over 340 stores across the US
  • Commendable CSR Initiatives

The Shoes

They offer shoes and footwear to children in age range of 0-8. Their products are divided into the following categories: Girl, Boy, Brands, Sale, and Walking 101. The website itself is simple and has been made keeping one thing in mind: to make it so that parents have an easy time selecting appropriate footwear for their children without any undue hassle. Let us check out the categories to get a better idea about their collection:



There are multiple ways to browse this section. It is further divided by Age Range, Featured, Shoes, Accessories, and Sizes. Contrary to popular belief, children can be very picky about what they like or do not like. So, we always advise that you involve them in the process. This isn’t really true for toddlers, but the 6-8 age group can be tough to deal with. There is always the chance that they may not like it anyway, but still it should bring down tedious arguments every time you ask them to put on shoes.

They have the cutest sandals, sneakers, casuals, boots, and snow boots you will ever see. Available in a range of different colors and available in all sizes, this is the place to buy shoes for the most special little girl in your life. If she likes a particular brand of shoes, then they have options for a whole lot of in house brands that should do the trick.



Girls are generally decent and know how to keep up appearances; the same however, cannot be said about boys. Even if you buy them the best pair of sneakers that they absolutely love, chances are they will come back with only one shoe and won’t know what happened to its brother. But, still having a nice pair of sneakers is essential for every boy and girl, so we often have to buy it for them again and again. But, it’s a costly business, what with constant changes in size. Sometimes like all parents we wish that they would invent shoes that would grow with the child.

A similar assortment of items is available in this section as well. You have the same categories in Sandals, Sneakers, etc.


If you have an innate love of brands and would like your child to have the same love, then you will like the brands section. It has all their products arranged according to brands. Start training them young and they will eventually turn into discerning individuals, though no promises can be made here.

Walking 101

Walking 101

Parenting can be tough especially with the first child. You do not have any experience and unfortunately children do not come with an operation manual. Most parents are confused about what to do. Their Walking 101 section has been made for such situations. It will guide you through all the things that you need to know about footwear for your toddler who is taking the very first steps. After you are done reading, we would highly suggest going through their FAQ section. It has answers to the most common questions that parents ask. And if you do not find the question that you want an answer to, then simply ask the question yourself. They will get back to you very soon.

Stride Rite is a cool place to buy footwear for the most precious little angels in your life. It has both vibrancy and underlying comfort, which are the two most important things that will keep them looking hip and comfortable.

Coupons and Benefits

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