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Title is an online retailer of performance parts and accessories of a range of different cars. The ecommerce setup is relatively new when compared to their on ground facility which has been providing car enthusiasts with upgrades and replacements for over 30 years. They operate from Kansas City, KS. With such a long operational history, it is only natural that they have connections with a lot of parts manufacturers and dealers. The total number of brand name vendors exceeds 900. Performance parts and automotive expertise is a technical job and it is important to have the right experience for it. This is why they employ experienced staff members, some of which have been with the company from the beginning.

This is further complemented by some top of the line customer friendly policies. The best one among them is their free shipping over $100. Let’s be honest most of the parts are expensive and even if you order a couple, you will likely be above this minimum. But, it does have some attached disclaimers. You can read up on them in the detailed shipping policy section. Another really nifty policy is their low price guarantee. They have some really excellent prices, but if you do find the exact same part at one of their competitors, then they will either go below their price or match it at the very least. To avail this you can either send them an email or ring them up and have a nice chat. Since, the whole website is secured by Symantec; you are assured that your details are private and safe with them.

Things to Know About Them

  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Excellent range of performance and replacement parts
  • They source from more than 900 vendors
  • Low price guarantee
  • Experienced customer service with technical knowledge of the parts that they deal with
  • They have a well-managed Facebook Page

The Products

Street Side Auto has a very large inventory, which can be divided into the following categories: Engine, Exhaust, Wheels & Tires, Brakes & Suspension, Interior, Lighting, Exterior, Chemicals & Lubricants, and Clearance. However, we know that it can be tedious to look through individual categories, especially when most of the parts are going to be irrelevant for you. There are two ways to bypass this flaw:

  1. Use their site search feature with the proper keywords to bring up the desired items, or
  2. Use the widget on their home page to bring up parts only for your vehicle.

Both have their own merits and demerits. The site search is obviously faster, but if you do not know the exact keyword, it will take time. On the other hand, you will be able to see all the parts for your vehicle using their widget. To use it, all you have to do is select the year, make, model, sub-model, and engine size. Then click the go link and you will be directed to the relevant page listing all the products that they have for your vehicle. Once you are on the page, you will be able to further refine the display by selecting the category or brand that you are interested in. They have parts of vehicles going back a long time. So, if you own a vintage car which you would like to restore, chances are you will be able to find the relevant parts for it here.



But, if you would rather browse through the individual categories to get an idea about their systems, that is fine as well. Their Engine section is divided into the relevant categories such as Carburetors, Cooling System, Drivetrain Components, Engine Components, Fuel System Components, Ignition & Electrical, and Performance.



If you would rather go for more superficial changes, then they have a lot of material available in the Exteriors section. We feel that the outlook of your vehicle is almost as important as the parts under the hood. Okay, maybe not as important, but it is important still.

Body styling is important, especially if you like your ride to stand out. They have a whole range of Bug Shields, Bumper & Roll Pans, Chrome Accessories, Hoods & Scoops, etc. This is pretty much a one stop shop for body styling enthusiasts. And they have a completely separate section for trucks.

Just to give you an idea about the vast nature of their operations, they have 1142 unique Hood Protectors in their inventory. And they have the total package for people who like to be on the trail and go camping. Their racks and covers will give you access to bike carriers, cargo roof packs, and custom car covers. If you are going on an expedition, then it is best to have towing gear installed in your vehicles. You never know when an emergency may arise.



People tend to give little attention to lights. In fact, most people only think about them when something goes wrong. While that approach is okay, it isn’t always the best one. This is especially the case if you are building your dream car build. We suggest that you include lighting as an important aspect of your build.

Then there is the cosmetic lighting. There is no wrong or right way to use cosmetic lighting as long as it does not interfere with your driving experience and those of others. Quite opposite to it is the performance lighting. Granted it is only applicable to those who like to take part in rallies and races, but still it is very much a part of the build. The right light can definitely reduce your lap times by providing adequate visibility.

The rest of the sections have an excellent range of components as well.

Coupons and Benefits

Street Side Auto is a giant in performance and aftermarket parts. If you have always wanted to have your dream build, we recommend that you start from simple things, like the hood and the lighting. But, we also understand that it can be an expensive business. So, if you are looking for coupons to bring down their prices, then you have come to the right place. Rebateszone can provide you the latest coupon codes. However, any relevant promo codes should be used ASAP, as they have relatively small expiration dates.