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Spencer Gifts LLC is a large retail store that carries out operations of two unique national brands all over the USA, Canada and over the internet, these two brands are; Spencer’s and spirit Halloween. They have been in service for more than six decades and all along they have offered unique products for the 18 – 24 year old customers, this is a result of their irreverence and humor.

On formation they were just a mail order catalog that carried out their services in Easton, since then they have worked hard to become the leading in novel and fun products. In 1963, Spencer’s made an expansion in their outreach and then opened their first ever store in Cherry Hill Mall which is located in Cherry Hill, new Jersey where they are based up to date. After formation, Spencer then quickly expanded to become the oasis within the mall environment that is mainly entitled the provision of their guests with a highly entertaining experience and this is an attribute to their merchandizing and product mix. In 2003, Spencer’s got under new management and immediately underwent reinvention. However, the reinvention was not to redirect Spencer’s from the original goals; in fact they have always remained focused on their main purpose which accounts for their rich history and high commitment to irreverence, fun, and humor.
These days, Spencers operate in excess of 600 stores all over The USA, Canada and over internet. They have the pride to become one of the longest running shows in the entire mall. Their success in the market cannot be said to be from nowhere but is from discipline, strong merchandise formula, and great customer treatment. They have always and are fully committed to their core mission which is to enable you have all the fun while they make it fun for you.
They offer stuff to wear that include teen clothing for either sex, baby clothing, body jewelry, hats, belts & buckles, wallets & key-chains, bags, accessories, footwear, skin suits, as well as contact lenses. Also on offer are naughty stuffs including vibrators, bondage, portions, lotions, and gifts. For ultimate fun they have various stuffs for you including calendars, girl’s night out, games & puzzles, books, humor, and birthday.
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