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The shorestore.com was established in 1998. This company started out a simple gift shop which would open occasionally to the visitors at the Seaside Heights during the summer season. The company improved its prospects when they were approached by MTV a couple of years ago. MTV was interested in filming their Real World Series. This film shooting took place in the company store as well as at the house that they own on the beachfront.

The company was excited with that prospect hence they accepted to be part of that venture. The company management never thought that the Jersey shore could become what it is currently. Through this program the company’s name has been spread around the world. These are the people who decided to join the buzz and the excitement associated with it.

The company is now a household name around the world. This is beyond the company’s expectations. Many people are currently seeking to have interview with the company.

The MTV cast and has played a great role in turning the attention towards the company in a great way. This interest which was developed has transformed the seasonal store in the Seaside Heights to something frantic and crazy where every person wants to be. All visitors are highly welcome to visit the company.

The store is extremely busy and hectic to an extent that customers can wait for an hour in order to get access into the store. This usually happens during the filming period. The company has really enjoyed working alongside MTV for the last couple of years. They now look forward towards having a good future in business.

Working with a popular TV Show is a powerful way of marketing the business to a wider audience who watch this series across the world. The company has expressed their appreciation again and again. People from around the world have also benefited tremendously. They find it easier to plan their vacations in a powerful way.

The company staff works hard to design merchandise to be displayed on eBay. The store always carries high quality products because their store is filmed and they need to list their products online. The images seen online are a copy of their great work. The cast is readily available during important events such as Snooki T-shirt and others. There are popular phrases associated with the store such as “I wrote the note…” among other great grenade shirts. This is the right place for very quality products. They live by the motto GTL to DTF or in other words the Deny, Deny or better still “Come at me Bro”. All these are available at the store shelves.

There are a number of pioneering products that a customer can get from shorestore.com. If you love hoodies, they are available in large numbers. They are appropriately priced and their labels are very attractive to many people. The hoodies can be customized to spot the name of your home country.

The dirty hats are there in large numbers. They come in a variety of colors displaying a number of labels. There is a large collection of hats.

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