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Libraries since 1939 have turned Brodart for everything from the shelf ready books to modern electronic ordering systems high quality furniture and the supplies. Brodart has grown gradually to become an international company over years and out to be the main serving libraries from the North West territories to the Pacific Rim having many of its facilities in the United States and Canada. It has evolved into a full grown library company.

The books and the Automation division is the main premier of the shelf ready materials to various libraries hence delivering carefully selected and cataloged and even processed books Presently Brodart does offer online services art tools, bibliographic services and even offers the consultant exclusively to libraries it comprises of various English language titles and even in the Spanish, some are in Plus audio and in video form.

The provision of a multitude of products is aimed at maintaining the smooth running of ShopBrodart by making use of the supplies and furnishings division. By having the Brodart catalog which has a list of thousand items ranging from book binding tape to the globes and computer supplies.
These Brodart Supplies and Furnishings Division provides simple highly provides cost effective solutions to libraries and bookstores and has a trade mark Brodart book jacket to custom printed signage.
The ShopBrodart history
It started back in the year 1939 by a Columbia University student by the name Arthur Brody who invented the plastic jacket cover. He was involved in architectural photography, he at one time washed the emulsion off some film and then thereafter folded it around his books for he added protection and when its popularity grew among his fellow classmates hence the origin of book jacket cover Brodart.Presently the cover letters are used to protect the initial paper jackets of library books, making them to last longer and have an increase in their number of circulation.
The company thereafter flourished and in the year 1959 it established a manufacturing industry of a complete line of furniture.
The employment of highly skilled workmanship has enabled the growth of Brodart and its diversification and up to present it is highly used in schools universities and libraries all over the world.
In the year 1950s the ShopBrodart company got an expansion into book distribution and now offering a great number of book up to 80000 publishers to libraries and schools at large and its current stock in the warehouse grew up to more than 2 millions books of which a majority are shipped to other libraries even overseas completely shelf ready, fully cataloged and processed to meet the required library specifications. these additional quality services facilitated the pioneering exclusively by Brodart highly reduces the librarian workload.Continuous striving to provide their patrons with the very best possible services and products and professionals has enabled the employees to continue with their rich heritage by accepting a proper solution to the customers needs.
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