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shoelinelogoShoeline is a company that offers you highest quality shoes online. You will be surprised to see the vast collection of shoes for men, women, and kids. The website of Shoeline also features many well-known brands. You can know much more about the Shoeline in the following review.

Introduction and Origin

o1When the company was first established, it aspired to achieve some goals, and the most important among them are providing the best quality shoes to customers online and at the same time making the online experience of buying much easier and interesting. To achieve their goals, Shoeline used some strategies like it chose the best shoes that were being made in the world, and at the same time, it assured you that whatever type of shoes you have in mind you won’t go home without buying those. The customer felt so confident because of two things: first he always found at the store what he wanted, and second, the moderate prices of the product couldn’t let him go.

If you have ever heard of the term “legendary customer service”, then it is assured that Shoeline has that. Every person who is willing to spend some money on quality shoes also desires that the shoes last for a significant period of time. And the assured quality shoes offered by Shoeline attract more and more customers towards it.

Information Graphics

The information graphics of the website are so simple and elegant. All the pictures of shoes that are shown are of highest quality. The overall theme of the website is white, with the purple-blue strip on the top of the homepage. On the top left corner, five main categories of the website are mentioned which are Brands, Men’s, Women’s, Kids’, and On Sale. In the middle, the title of the website is mentioned, and at the right corner, you can see a search bar using which you can search any product you want instantly.

If you scroll down, you will see different sale products as well as different latest products. At the bottom of the page, there is a subscription bar, social media extensions, website security extensions, website paying services, and other customer services options.

Main Categories

The website features five main categories which are Brands, Women’s, Men’s, Kids’, and On Sale. All these categories are subcategorized to access any product easily. Here is a brief description of all the categories and the products they contain


brandsHe Brand Category is subcategorized into Women’s Brands, and Men’s Brands. Few Women brands are Aerosoles, Acorn, Azura, Blackstone, Carolina, BOC, Born Crown, Dan Post, Daniel Green, Dexter accessories, dingo, Eastland, Rider, Vintage, and many others. Some of the Men’s brands are Brooklyn Boots, deer stags, Hush puppies, Storm, Supremes, Touch ups, Walk-over and much more.

Once you click on any of the brands which are mentioned, and also others which are present on the website but aren’t mentioned here, you will get further options of Boots, Casuals, and Sandals. Further categorization within different categories – like you can also select from options from New Styles, and On Sale within each category – make it very easy to explore the products.


womenIn the Women’s category, you will find the following subcategories: Boots, Casual, Dress, Work & outdoor, Western, and Sandals. In the Boots category, you will find Ankle boots, Featured styles, Low Heels, Tall boots, Fashion Boots, Booties, and Lace-ups. The Casuals subcategory contains Slip-on, Clogs, Flats, and Loafers. The Dress subcategory has Wedding shoes, Pumps, Sandals, and Wedding high. The Work & Outdoor subcategory contains waterproof, Loggers, Steel toe, electrical Hazard, and Outdoor. The Sandals subcategory features Wedges, Slip On, Ankle straps, and Slingbacks etc.


mens-banner-spring-16As like women’s category, men’s category also has similar subcategories like Boots, Casual, Dress, Work & Outdoor, Western, and Sandals. In the Boots subcategory, there are Ankle boots, Featured, Steel toe, and Waterproof. In the Casual subcategory, there are Lace-ups, Slip on, Athletic inspired, Boat shoes, Oxfords, and Moccasins. The Dress subcategory features Oxfords, Loafers, Dress-Business, and Casuals.


In the kids’ category, you can also find many colorful and beautiful boots. There are different shoes available for male and female children, as well as you can buy Unisex shoes. The Kids’ category features Casuals, Velcros, Moccasins, Ankle boots, and Lace-ups.

On Sale

The website also features a sale on many quality products. It offers a sale on women’s, men’s as well as on kids’ shoes. The sale policy of the company is totally in line with its goals like it never wants its customers without buying anything.

Testimonials and Site Map

The distinguishing feature of the website is that it features testimonials and site map. Most websites in the contemporary world claim that they offer highest quality services, but it is only revealed when we buy something from that company that it has the worst services possible. Shoeline is not like this; it also gives you testimonials of different customers who bought products from this website and who appreciated its services to the core.

The other interesting thing is that the website also features site map, which means you can get the overall idea of the website that what thing is present where, only in seconds. The site map increases the comfort level of the customers and they feel really relaxed in finding the right product.

Payment and Customer Services

Three important things that are mentioned on the top of the homepage of Shoeline are that it offers free delivery, there is no sales tax, and it also allows you easy returns. The company offers you outstanding shipping services and accepts almost all major payment services like MasterCard, Discover, Visa, American Express, and PayPal.

The customer service of the company is highly reliable. You can return any product you buy within 30 days with full payback guarantee. In the case of any major defect, the company gives 1 years’ guarantee. All the privacy, security, and pricing policies are mentioned on the company website along with terms and conditions. It is highly suggested that you read all the terms and conditions of the company before buying any product.

Social Media Extensions

This is the age of social media, and in this age, even the most uneducated person also knows about the fundamentals of communication on social media. However, social media is not only used for communication, but it is also used for other purposes like an advertisement. Most companies advertise their products on the social media. It is also notable that these days, people are likely to get themselves familiar with the new and latest products on the social media. Thus, it follows that if any company is not providing any social media extensions, it is likely to get less promotion.

Shoeline, knowing the importance of social media, also offers you different social media extensions, using which you can like the company’s products on the most famous social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Coupons and Benefits

coupon-code-png2Shoeline offers outstanding shoes, but sometimes you might find the prices little high, and in these cases, Rebateszone can really help you in getting any product at discounted price. Rebateszone offers you Shoeline coupons and promo codes, which you can use to get a discount on many products. However, it is suggested that you use these coupons as soon as possible because they have a very short time span and they will expire soon.