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Robocraft is a very interactive modern day game which was launched a couple of years back and has gained astonishing popularity in this short course of being functional. It is developed by Freejam Games which is based in the United Kingdom; the alpha version or the test mode was released in March’13 which accommodated single player mode only but just within a month, the complete, multiplayer edition became operative. The updates and error fixes were released from two to three times a month from there on. The game is designed on basic principles of physics. A player must construct robotic machines from different building blocks like cubes or wheels and then weapons are used to stimulate fighting on different battle grounds (fictional) of different planets. Exactly one year after the release of the Beta or the final version, Freejam Games claimed to gain 0.3 Million plus audience which is very promising at their end. There is no stopping to the growth of Robocraft and the list of players keeps on adding up including a lot of non-English speakers as well.

Robocraft engages people to build a robotic vehicle and indulge in different online combats while driving that same vehicle. As their tally of wins rises, so does their Robo Points (RP) and Tech Points (TP) which allow them to increase the strength, performance and visuals of their vehicles. For instance, Tech Points allow the players to unlock enhanced armors of the vehicles, other hardware and artillery from a tech tree; while, than they can buy the same assortments using the Robo Points. Another way of using all of the above mentioned gadgets is to purchase them through ‘Galaxy Cash’. Galaxy Cash can be purchased by paying with real money as of some high-tech visual items can only be installed with Galaxy Cash. Robocraft allows its players to design and customize their robots as deep as they can think and wish; however, keeping in view the sensitivity for the younger audience involved, offensive and lecherous imagery or design is restricted. Moreover, robots are categorized in ten different tiers (T1 – T10) and the upgrades of each tier can specifically be used for that same tier; but, by using Galaxy Cash, the Tech Points can be converted into ‘Uber’ which can further be used to buy any of the upgrades regardless of the categories. The game also has a bonus category named TX-1 for Megabots which can be used to encounter ten classic battles. Exceeding the routine exercises offered by many of the online games, Robocraft has embarked a new level of excitement for its gigantic number of users. Both the kill and defense strategies are the hallmarks of the game while it offers five different modes of game play (Practice, Standard, Classic, Challenge Mode and Mega Boss Mode). The Challenge mode can be the most rewarding but one has to put a lot of brains into the game to overcome all the hurdles of this mode. Complexity is designed for the standard mode where requisites to win needs employment of specific techniques of destruction of other teams which can only be mastered through regular practice. The weaponry offered at all tiers is also very amazing and excites all the aggression loving players a lot. The players also have the option of adding a player or two to their team and then fight with the same platoon; though, by becoming the premium subscribers of the game, the team can be extended up till 4 members. With the usual enemy jammers and radars, Robocraft offers a unique spotting mechanic which enables them to target the location of a specific enemy and even alarm their team members about the same while giving them a look at its weapons as well. The one whom is being spotted also gets to know as an exclamation mark and a siren sound starts to appear on his or her screen! Last November, Freejam also introduced anti-cheat software to shield its customers from any kind of hack new forums were also made available to accommodate queries and accept recommendations from all the players. Recent updates have pretty much changed the outlook of the upgrades while the classic building of the bots has been kept alike.

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