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There are very few original comedies based on serious stuff that we come across these days. Parodies of original works and commentary are nothing new; yet, it is definitely something which lies close to the hearts of diehard fans. To be honest, it cannot be predicted whether a fan will be offended by a parody or not, it is something which can only be tested by application. Nevertheless, we have not come across something as hilarious as the funny commentaries from RiffTrax.com.

They produce commentaries of popular movies and sell them separately. The idea came to them when the show MST3K was cancelled. Michael J. Nelson, who was one of the leads and writer, purchased the rights and did a couple of solo acts. His original idea was to release direct DVDs of these movies. But, upon consultation he came to know that he would be sued out of existence if he attempted to do this. That is why, originally, he released his commentary separate from the movies. The fans would download this and supply their own movie, synchronizing both the tracks to enjoy the commentary.

Most of the original movies were B-Movies, whose rights could be bought on the cheap and easily. At the moment there are two methods to access their content. One is to purchase the movie with the commentary for a streamlined experience and the other one is to just download the commentary and then synchronize it manually with the film.

Their complete list of commentaries includes films, short films, Collections, MST3K episodes, DVDs, and Live Show recordings. You can access all this content via their website. Another great thing about them is that once you have purchased an item it is yours forever. So, say that you downloaded something and then misplaced it or it got deleted. You can just go back to their site and download it again.

If you are impressed by the original nature and diverse methodology used for comedic commentary and want to know more about it, visit the website. You can access all their services and order online using you credit cards. Customer service is available via email and will help you in case of problems. Additionally, you can keep up with their works on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Do not be confused it you have any difficulties in watching their content on any system. It can be Chromcast onto you TV and can also be viewed on various other players such as your PlayStation 3, etc. You will find detailed instructions on how to set up the things, in their Knowledgebase Section.

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