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Puma is a world-famous brand which designs, develops, sells footwear, apparel, and other accessories. Puma started its company 65 years ago, and in all these years Puma has established the reputation of making highest-quality fast shoes that athletes all across the world use. It has two main strategies: its products are performance oriented as well as give you sport-inspired designs. Puma has made its mark in different sports like Football, Running, Training, Golf, and Motorsport. Puma is not alone in bringing to you the world’s latest designs, but it collaborates with the world’s well-known brands such as Alexander McQueen and Mihara Yasuhiro to provide you the latest and innovative sports designs in the world.

puma-featuredBrief History

The company is headquartered in Germany and is currently supplying its products in more than 120 countries. The number of its employs is more than 10,000.

Puma Global

When you access the Puma website, the first thing you need to do is pay some attention to the top right corner, and you will see the button of Puma Global. Once you open the website, you will also get the notification of Puma Global. Puma Global actually represents the services of Puma available in multiple countries. Once you click this button, you will find the following main sections highlighted in red color: North America, South America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. Each section features different countries.

The fundamental benefit of such categorization is that when you are exploring the products of such a big company which provides its services in more than 120 countries, it becomes easy to locate the nearest store around you. By choosing your destination, you provide the company your location, and the company in turns provides you the list of available products in your region and the stores where you can buy these products. This saves you from the trouble of finding products and stores separately.

Once you select any country, you will get the options of main languages spoken in that country, and you can choose a language of your interest.

4 Main Divisions

On the homepage, Puma features four main divisions: Sports, Collections, Ambassadors, and Teams. Each division is unique in itself.


sportsIn the Sports division, Puma features four sports: Running, Golf, Football, and Training. In the running category, it features outstanding running shoes considering Flexibility, Energy Return, and propulsion etc. If you explore the Golf category, you will see the shoes which have power, stability, comfort, and traction. In the football category, you will find shoes that give an exceptional touch, give you stability, agility, lightweight power, and accuracy. In the last category “Training”, you will find shoes named as Pushing Limits, Heavy of Tech, and Zero Excuses.


sportsThe main collections of Puma are Scuderia Ferrari, BMW Motorsport, Mercedes AMG Petronas, Puma by Rihanna, Sportstyle, and Red bull racing. When you explore any of these collections, you will also get the option of “Find a Store”, with the help of which you can easily buy your desired products.


ambassadorAmbassadors of Puma are those persons which are featured in different sports categories. For instance, Usain Bolt is featured in the Running category. Rickie Fowler is featured in the Golf category. Lexi Thompson is also featured in the Golf category. Adding all these world-known personalities as Ambassadors is a good trick because most people who like these personalities are sure to buy the Puma products.


teamsPuma also features different teams which are Arsenal, Italia, and BVB. All these three teams wear different costumes with different qualities and different colors. For instance, if we consider the Arsenal, the shirts of this team have active Thermo-R Technology. The shirts of team Italia feature Microcapsules, Back shoulder Blades, and Lumbers, and these shirts are made in a way that they relax your diaphragm and abdominals.

Further Categorization

These four main divisions are shown on the front page of the Puma website which you can easily see before you choose any other specific location. The point is that this way you will be able to understand the products of Puma in general and what other accessories and personalities it features. But, once you select your proper location, you will get a whole new page, and get ready because this page also has a lot more to offer.

Products of Puma vary from region to region, and once you access the products of any particular location, it is possible that these products will be different from the products of any other region. For this purpose, I am choosing the location United States, and the reason is that the products available in the United States constitute the entire collection offered in different regions. However, the products may vary, but the categories remain the same. And here is the list of categories that you can explore.

Main Categories

Apart from the main divisions – Sports, Collections, Ambassadors, and Teams – mentioned earlier, Puma also has distinct categories which are these: Men, Women, Kids, Gift Guide, and Sale. Arranging your products along the different lines, for instance, separately for men, women, and kids, help customers a lot. They can just jump to whatever product they want without first exploring the products that are not required. Here is a brief description of all the categories


pumamensAs you must be aware of the fact that Puma not only features shoes, but it also features multiple accessories, clothing, and other interesting things. So in the Men category, shoes aren’t the only thing. When you explore the Men category, you will find following subcategories


The featured category offers products like New arrivals, Bestsellers, Street Running, Classics, Forever Buys, red Bull, BMW Motorsport, Mercedes AMG, and Ferrari.


pumashoesIn the Shoe subcategory, you will find the different options like sneakers, Ballerinas, Platforms, Running, Training, Soccer, Golf, and Sandals. You can pick the shoes of your choice and then you can further explore the details regarding the nearest store.


pumaclothesThe clothes of Puma are as famous as shoes. Furthermore, if you are wearing the stunning shoes of Puma and you don’t have any matching clothes that Puma offers you, then it will be a half pleasure as well as half comfort. If you want to increase your comfort as well as style to maximum, you will have to use both the shoes as well as clothes made by Puma. Puma offers following clothes to you: Tees, Polos, Soccer, Jerseys, Tops, Sweatshirts, Track Jackets, Outerwear, Pants, Shorts, and Underwear.


asseccoriesWithout proper accessories, one never feels comfortable and Puma has also taken care of that. You can also find many men’s accessories in the Men’s category. Here is a list of the accessories: Backpacks, Bags, Hats, Belts, Socks, Watches, and Sports Equipment etc.


pumawomenThe products in the Women’s categories are same as that of Men’s category except few. The subcategories in the women category are these: Featured, Shoes, Clothing, and accessories. Products included in the women category and which are not mentioned in the Men’s category, are Fenty puma by Rihanna, Bras, and Shorts & Skirts etc.


pumakids2A person can achieve much more things in his life if he makes his mind to achieve something at very little age, that is to say if he is given the exposure to choose what he wants to become. In a similar manner, when children look at the Puma’s ambassadors like Usain Bolt, they aspire to become like him or any other personality in the future. For this reason and for many others, they also want the proper accessories, and if they aren’t given these shoes, clothes or other accessories that their heroes and role models use, it is possible that it will break their heart.

For this purpose, Puma has made a separate category for the kids, in which beautiful as well as comfortable shoes, clothes, and accessories are available for both little girls as well as boys. Puma features Shoes, Clothes, Accessories, and other Sports items for both little girls and boys.

Gift Guide

pumagiftguideAll the professional companies know that a strong customer base is very hard to make. A company must always be loyal to its customers if it wants its customers to be loyal. Many types of research indicate that for maximum profit in business and for the stronger customer base, unique products aren’t sufficient only, and it requires far more than that.

Many customers aren’t aware of the company’s policies and exact nature of the products and that is why a company must always provide different guides to its customers to help them, and Puma is one such company, which offers gift guides to its customers. The gift guides that Puma offers are Holiday Deals, $50 & under, $100 & under, Stocking Stuffers, Car Enthusiast, and Gym-Goer. By offering different gift guides to the customers, Puma educates them about different products.


There is nothing more inspiring for customers to buy anything than Sale. If you find that some company is offering some beautiful products at sale prices, you instantly make up your mind to buy any product which otherwise you won’t dare to buy. For this purpose, and to bring joy to its customers, Puma also offers the sale of different products. Puma offers sales at shoes, clothing, and Accessories etc.

Corporate News and press Center

pumapressPuma is a really big network and supplies its products in more than 120 countries and it means a lot of News. To be aware of latest Puma trending, articles, latest products, Puma magazines, Puma business, Spotlight trends, and Puma Archives, you don’t have to go anywhere else because all the News is offered by the Puma website itself.

Strategy of Puma

Any company that wants to prosper without any bounds, it must develop some strategy to achieve its goals. The main strategy used by Puma is “Sustainability”. It is willing to maintain, at any cost, the economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Information Graphics

The information graphics of Puma are just stunning. All the pictures of products, models as well as other accessories are of high quality, and give you a realistic glimpse of the product that you are buying so that you feel completely satisfied when you buy the product in real. The overall theme of the website is white, on which a collage of different high-quality pictures is featured.

Ease of Navigation

The website is rich with products – and it is obvious from the fact that it offers services in more than 120 countries – and it is amazing how it has managed so vast categories and divisions which are so easy to access. The main geographical divisions are followed by general product divisions, country selections, men, women, and kids’ categories, and subcategories are so subtly managed that you can easily navigate the website without any trouble whatsoever.

Theme of the Website

The website features a light theme of white color with a narrow gray line on the top and a rectangular gray box at the bottom of the homepage. In the top gray bar, Customer Service, Country Selection, and Email subscription is mentioned. Then a little down, categories and search bar is mentioned. Further down, there are products and at the bottom of the page, there are terms, conditions, and policies of the website mentioned along with a brief introduction.

Customer Service and Social Media

Unfortunately, Puma doesn’t offer any order cancellation services, however, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the product by the Returning Policy of Puma. You can read all the details regarding the Return policy on the Puma website. The other customer services Puma offers are Email services, tracking services, and delivery services.

The website also offers social media extensions of all the popular social media networks. For instance, you can Like Puma on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or you can see the videos regarding different products on the YouTube.

Coupons and Benefits

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