Piping Rock Coupons, Promo Code

Pipingrock.com is an online retailer of natural and supplemental health products. It is an e-commerce successor for Nature’s Bounty, which has roots as far back as 1971. It was formed in 1986, by father-son duo Arthur and Scott. This e-commerce station was launched back in 2011. Theirs is a story of starting from humble beginnings to success, for they used to hand pack their items. Their aim has always been to provide the general public with health products at the cheapest available prices.

The main products are divided into the following categories: Crazy Deals, Supplements, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Nuts & Seeds, and Snacks. The Crazy deals section includes all the craziest deals on their products. They are available for short periods of time and are limited by order size, but they are exceptional. Let us give you a couple of examples. High Potency Vitamin D3 5000 IU was retailing at $3.99 with 63% savings on a sale price of $10.69. A Vitamin C 1000mg with Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips was retailing at $4.99 instead of a retail price of $12.29. If you are unfamiliar with this then it provides greater than 1000% of your daily vitamin c value. Vitamin C is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system.

The Supplements section contains all their health supplements. They admit that good health can only be achieved through proper diet and regular exercise, but some people need these supplements due to weak responses. A good example is that of L-Carnitine, which helps in fat metabolism and can help people metabolize the fat deposits. Their Brown Seaweed Plus can regulate blood sugar levels and help achieve weight management controls.

The Essential oils Section contains any essential oil that you can dream of. From Black Pepper Essential Oil to Cardamom essential oil, they have almost everything. These oils can be used for relieving tension and other problems. A word of advice, though – none of the products are for medical use and if you are pregnant – do not take anything without your doctor’s consent. Furthermore, the statements for their products have not been reviewed by the FDA.

If you are impressed by what they have to offer and would like to go through all their products, visit them at pipingrock.com. You can purchase all their products online and have them delivered to your house, anywhere in the US. Shipping is free on select orders, however, for more details visit their shipping policy section. They maintain a secure website and accept all major online payment options. For more specific inquiries, you can contact their customer service via phone or email. Additionally, you can follow them through their Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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