Pimsleur Coupon Codes, Promo Code

Pimsleur.com is an online portal providing a system for learning new languages. It is based on the Pimsleur Method which was devised by the late Dr. Pimsleur, who was one of the greatest linguistics of the last century. He was also one of the pioneers in creating self-instructional programs for learning languages in the 60s.

The method is based on four main parts: Graduated Interval Recall, Principle of Anticipation, Core Vocabulary, and Organic Learning. Graduated Interval Recall means that people remember things more and more if they are recalled at gradually increasing intervals. He conducted a great amount of research on this and made it the basis of the Pimsleur Method. The principle of Anticipation alludes to the automatic response of our brain to incorrect suppositions. Our brains are trained to anticipate an automatic response to any given situation; however, it cannot be correct every time – so this leaves space for rapid corrective learning.

The last two are simple. Core Vocabulary is self-explanatory. However, its learning is controlled to allow maximum retention by our brains. The course has been designed to facilitate learning through real life examples. This is the organic way, as this is the way we learn in our childhood and even later. It encourages the learner to relate to situations in real life faster as well.

The website offers learning programs in more than 50 languages, with some international languages having support for multiple dialects. So, just select a language and ensure that you have 30 minutes for the program every day. You can even do other stuff while listening to the programs. However, they suggest a concentrated study for better results. All of the materials can be accessed any way you want. The language can be studied using your phone, music player, laptop computer, or even the old-fashioned CDs; whatever suits you best.

If you have kids chances are that you are already familiar with the Pimsleur’s Method. If you have ever watched the kid’s program Dora the Explorer or Go Diego Go, then know that the programs are devised using the Pimsleur’s method. Apart from this, it has been used by several US government agencies, corporations and institutions to learn languages efficiently. If you are impressed by the things you have read and want any more detail, visit their well-designed website, where they give you access to free lessons. You can also contact their customer support via phone or email. Additionally, you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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