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The story rotates about Lou, who is the founder of Blake Brossman’s the beloved Rottweir. He was diagnosed of cancer some years back. Blake, took the responsibility of taking care of Lou’s hence directed all the resources and attention to treatment of Lou which turned out to be so costly hence the establishment of PetcareRx in the year 1998 to help other pet parents who undergo the similar situation to raise money for medication purposes at reasonable prices and went on with the inspired idea into a full service pet pharmacy and pet supply provider.

Mission of petcareRx
Its main objective is to keep their pet health and happy through helping individuals to save money, time and aggravation making sure that their pets has got everything that it would ever need.
Pet Care is cost friendly as it was also established to give products they need at attractive discounts they deserve.

Being not a club it does not require any membership fee either as through a phone call or a click away they are their for service delivery. They carry out EPA and FDA approved heartworm, tick, flea and chronic illness medications and many more. And they give a discount of up to 50 percent less than what others give to get veterinary services, they also do honor the manufacturers’ guarantees.

They offer highest quality medications for pets as they are in possession of operating pharmacy since the year 1998. All medications offered by Petacarex are approved by the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] and the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] for sale in the United states they sell veteran and honor all manufacturers guarantees.

Their pharmacy is always under close supervision of professional licensed pharmacists which makes sure that safety and accuracy of their order according to pharmacy board guidelines .They do also exceed the safety and quality controls as required by the pharmacy board.

Due to a very high number of orders received and processed their medication is therefore fresh and requires minimal amount of time to be spent ensuring that pet’s medication are cost effective. All their medication are stored under favorable environmental controls, making sure that optimal temperature and humidity is also favorable.

They have Flea and Tick Guarantee which ensures that upon taking their treatment and somehow found that the treatment may have failed then the above guarantee applies. If the clients pet becomes infested with fleas or ticks while using the PetcareRx treatment then one more time alternative is used to bring the issue into control or a refund is made to their clients of the cost of the treatment they purchased.
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