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The company was established in 1976. The company is dedicated to the perpetuation and preservation of luxurious textile designs from across the globe. There are a number of high quality products on the catalogs. The website even displays more products. All the products are 100 percent original. The majority of these products are majorly made for the Peruvian Connection.The Peruvian connection is involved in the sale of Sweaters, dresses, tee & tops, coats & Jackets, jewelry & accessories among other commodities.

All these products elegantly displayed on the website are original and made from very expensive fiber originating from Andes.
The peruvianconnection.com started growing very fast after an article appeared on the front page of New York Times. The Peruvian Connection was transformed from a small company into a booming mail-order business.
All the Peruvian garments are made out of natural materials. The fibers used are the most luxurious. The clothing is carefully knit. The company uses fiber such as the Alpaca fiber, Peruvian Pima Cotton, Vicuna Fiber. All these fibers are crafted with a lot of skill.
The Alpaca fiber is rarer than cashmere and interestingly warmer than wool. This fiber comes from the Peruvian Andes. It is of high quality and luxurious to wear textile made out of this fiber. It is well known that the baby alpaca is very soft as well as smooth. In the past, it was particularly reserved for the royalty. There are over 40 shades starting with the black all the way to the ivory colored fiber. There are a number of browns and grays in between the two extremes. The lighter shades of the fiber are known to take dyes in a great way.
The Peruvian Pima Cotton
The quality of cotton varies tremendously. This is like the case of coffee, wine and cashmere. There are ideal growing conditions; the cotton is harvested by hand. This is the world’s finest Pima cotton. It is loved by many garment makers because of its great softness and luster. On top of all that, it is very durable.
The growth of Peruvian Pima Cotton requires the availability of perfect growing conditions. The cotton grows well in Peru’s northern coastal valleys. At this place, the soil is perfect for growing the cotton.
This is termed as the Golden Fleece. This fleece is the rarest. That makes it the most expensive fiber in the world. It has great insulating properties. It is better than wool.
The Art of Knitting
The knitting process consumes countless hours. Some people have a lifetime of experience in knitting. The hand knitting is a highly respected art in Andes. This is actually a culture in that part of the world.
The alpaca is an animal related to the llama and Vicuna. This alpaca is the backbone of the Andes economy. It serves as food as well as a beast of burden. The alpaca is raised majorly for its great wool. This wool is lightweight and very warm. The wool is known to grow naturally in a variety of colors. There is no need for dying. In Peru women sale the hand knit garments.
The website founder was studying in Anthropology when she turned herself into a designer to help local Peruvian women add some style into their knitting work. She did this in order to make those sweaters acceptable to the prospective women buyers in North America.
The Peruvian Collections also sales shawls, ponchos, hats, sweaters and scarves made of alpaca fur.
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