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The company has a lot of pride in their ability to provide their customers with the highest quality products. The company majorly imports its products from Italy. They also have large quantities of spices, balsamic vinegars, extra virgin olive oil and cheese from around the globe. The company’s fresh meats are prepared from the United States before being exported to other parts of the world.Their aim is to make sure that customers enjoy the shopping process at the online retail store, Pastacheese.com. The customers have the freedom to contact the customer service centre if there is any problem faced during the ordering process. That is how they are capable of addressing the arising issues concerning the customers. The company does not provide replacement or credit 14 days after the receipt of the ordered goods. The company has its offices in the Garden City in New York.
They ship all the perishable goods in Styrofoam boxes which are insulated. These boxes are made up of the refrigerant gel pack so as to keep the order in the required temperatures. These conditions help in maintaining the taste, freshness and quality of the products.
The orders are processed within a period of three days. If you are ordering pasta or fresh ravioli then the order is likely to take 3-4 days to be processed. The staff at the company will always email you when the order is shipped.
New York Prime Meats
The company has a beautiful selection of New York prime meats. These ranges from the USDA Prime Lamb to the USDA Choice grade beef. There is also the Smithfield Cooked Hams. These are the perfect products for grilling on the summer periods or roasting during the warm winters.
This Salumeria originates from Italy. This is one of the places where you can walk into and find the hanging prosciutto hams, sausages and salami right from the ceiling. The company is in the business of offering high quality products which are made of peppers, olives, spreads, mustards, salame and foie gras.
Cheese is one of the specialized products that the company produces for sale. There is a wide selection to make a choice from. They have a nutty tasting and sweet Cacio di Bosco Tartufo. The fresh Ricotta is also quite mouth-watering. The Burrata and Mozzarella also have a good taste.
These are the items of exquisite nature that is available at pastacheese.com. Here they have made their own category. The white and black truffles are earthly and delicate tasting when used alongside pasta, cheese, fruit, sauces and other similar products. The cavier can also be served on its own or better still, it can be paired with eggs, chocolate and cream cheese!
The pastacheese.com is the best place for you to satisfy your beverage needs. There is a wide range of coffee for customers to choose from. The coffee available is of extreme range.
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