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Palo Alto is one of the leading companies that will understand your business very well and this is simply because they are a small business themselves. This small company was founded in 1988 by Tim Berry. At the time the founder was a business plan consultant who was at then doing consultancy for several reputable companies including Apple, Chevron, Hp, McDonalds and many others. The most important thing that he learnt was that business planning should be done for both the large and small companies alike. To offer services for the small businesses as well, he then came up with tools for business planning that could be easily accessible and affordable for small businesses in all parts of the world.

Right from that time, the Palo Alto Software has tremendously grown and now employs are more than fifty employees who are united with the common goal of enabling other small businesses to come up successfully. They now offer a wide range of highly affordable software products as well as a very extensive library that offers free expert information to assist any small business that is in need of them. The products are very suitable for small businesses due to the fact that they understand the small business very well. They understand how challenging it is to start from, and successfully expand a company from having one employee to having more than fifty. They know all the challenges and what it takes to become successful. They are highly committed to providing the required knowledge, expertise and experience to the maximum number of the small businesses that are available.

They believe in various core principles for business. The first one is having highly affordable software; this will only be possible if the small businesses get an easy access to quality tools at a very affordable pricing. They as well believe in simplicity and this is the case in which they have designed software that is well adapted to small businesses and not as complex as the one for large business which is usually too complex for the small businesses. They as well believe in quality services, they take a lot of pride in providing high quality but affordable service to their clients, to get access to them is quite simple as they have a single phone number through which you get live chat with their representative if you need to get in touch with them. Since job creation is normally done by small businesses, they make sure that the small businesses find it easy to come up successfully and this is reflected in their cheap and high quality services. They provide all the help that you may be in need of whether you are a new or continuing business, they make the starting a business look like easier while it is indeed a big task.
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