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Nordstrom.com is an ecommerce website for the popular American fashion retail chain by the same name. It is one of the oldest chains in America, which started working back in 1901. It was founded by John W. Nordstrom, a Swedish immigrant and Carl F. Wallin. It started operations as a shoe store. Currently, it is one of the largest upscale stores in the US and operates in Canada as well. The products include Men and Women’s fashion clothing along with various accessories and home section.

A Trip down History

Nordstrom has survived more than a century and it is only natural that it has quite a history as well. Johan Nordstrom was one of the many people who came to the United States in the late 19th century looking for a better future. He Anglicized his name to John Nordstrom upon landing on the New World. But, the first few years were tough as he went through a lot of menial jobs to survive. Despite that he was able to buy a small farm. However, his luck finally turned when he joined the Klondike Gold Rush. For two years, he continuously searched for gold with no luck, but finally found a sizable piece on a disputed claim. He was eventually able to settle the dispute and came away with $13000.

He came back to Seattle, married and started looking for things to invest in. He partnered with Carl F. Wallin and opened a shoe store by the name of Wallin & Nordstrom. After that it was slow but steady progression as they expanded the business. Eventually the business was bought out by Nordstrom’s sons. The stores sold only shoes till 1969, when they finally diversified the portfolio by finally including apparel in their stores. The company went public in 1971. In 1973, the name was changed for the last time to its current version: Nordstrom.


Nordstrom has won many awards over its 100 years of operations. It was named at no. 72 in Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies to work for in 2009. Interestingly, it is also a Hall of Fame member. This is partly because it has constantly retained its spot in the best companies to work for since the start. It has also been a constant part of the Fortune 500 list of companies.

The Products

They are more of a superstore now than just an apparel and shoe store. Their products are divided into the following categories on the ecommerce store: Designer Collections, Women, Men, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, Beauty, Trend, Kids, Home, Gifts, Sale, Brands, and Pop-In.

Let us go through these categories briefly to get a better understanding of the quality and range of their collections.

Designer Collections

Designer Clothes

There is a reason Nordstrom is considered an upscale fashion chain store. And this section is it. Here you will find many of the famous and emerging designers from all over the US. But, the real question to ask is: why do we love Designer Clothes? Alas, there is no simple answer here. We are after all humans; a word which has been derived from hue and man. This roughly translates to men of many colors. While the feminists may disagree with the wording of the whole sentence, the fact is that it is only metaphorical. We all have our own reasons for liking or disliking a brand. These reasons can range from simple ones such as the overall comfortability to more complex ones like those under consideration for red carpet Hollywood events. We would not like to touch upon that side of the story, because it is downright complex.

What does Nordstrom have to offer in its designer collections? It has a lot to offer even the pickiest fashionistas. The section is further divided into Designer Clothing, shoes, handbags, and brief sections for Men’s and Kid’s designer clothes. Some of the featured brands on their list include Valentino, Chloe, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Fendi and countless others.

Whether you love the designs of the Italian designer Valentino or you are more into clothes from the French fashion house Chloe, you will find their collections to be well suited for their wide ranging audience.



If you are one of those people who are all about quality and design, without being a diehard designer fanatic, then you are close to our heart. This section is for people just like us: who like to wear fashionable clothes, but aren’t necessarily happy to pay exorbitant prices for them, just because they have a tag. And this would be very harmful for the whole industry as well. One of the main reasons, that the industry excels in producing such excellent designs is that people have a choice. We are all in favor of supporting the emerging talent to keep injecting new blood in an old body.

Once gain all the regular categories of clothes can be found. You can browse the articles by size or function. Either way, if you want to narrow down the items, you can use their site search feature. With the right keywords you will have the relevant items displayed at a moment’s notice.

Let us start with their Work wear collection. Yes. This is how good it is. We were really impressed by the whole collection. With a range of excellent dresses, blazers, tops, and pants, this is a must see section. It is pretty much a one stop shop for any working woman. We have always maintained that work clothes do not need to dull you down and make you seem boring. No, they can have your unique touch and still be suitable for the job. So, dress smart and add your own unique touch.

Just because we loved their work collection does not mean that any of the other ones lack in any way. Their dresses are a blast to go through and they really do have one for every occasion. All the styles are represented, with the total number of unique dresses coming up to 9300. That is a huge number. It doesn’t matter whether you like maxi dresses or are more into body con dresses, because their collection is so large that you are bound to find something to your liking.

Another really interesting section in their dresses section is their Prom Dress Guide. Prom is a very important event in any person’s life. In many ways, it marks the true entry in adulthood. So, it is important that you look the best and even more importantly feel your best on this special high school event. Their range of prom dresses is suitable for all people. You do not have to choose something which you are uncomfortable with, if you like it long, go for a long dress, and if you are more into shirt dresses, then they have good variety available as well.

You will find the other categories in this section to be similarly equipped.



Many chain stores tend to focus more on women. It is understandable though a bit sexist to be sure. Men like a good pair of threads too. But, this bias is distinctly absent form Nordstrom. Their collection of Men’s clothing is at par and quality with the Women’s. You will find the whole range of clothes here as well. Whether you are looking for formal work clothes or a casual outfit to hang out with the dudes on the weekend, they have you covered.

Their Coats and Jackets section is well equipped, containing many casual pieces along with specialized items from the likes of The North Face. Other featured brands include Barbour, Burberry, Canada Goose, Topman, Moncler, and many others. When browsing, you can further refine the displayed items by selecting the material, Feature, Size, Color, Price, Brand, and In- Store. Their collection of suits is commendable as well. But, there is an art in buying the proper suit and it should not be rushed. We would highly recommend reading up on their article: How to Buy a Suit. It makes some really interesting points. Even if you are unable to make a decision afterwards, you will still walk away with a very good education in buying the right suit.

The materials featured are the regular Cotton, Linen, and Wool. The season for wool is long gone, and unless you plan on going on a trip to the upper reaches of Canada, we would not recommend going for anything made out of wool. On the other hand, linen and cotton are the perfect material for the suits. Linen with its rumpled look is very breathable and cotton is ideal for warm weather. It has more of a crisp look and is usually unstructured.

These are all well and good for normal people, but what if you like to work out or are into sports. We feel that you will be pleasantly surprised by their workout clothes. Featuring brands such as Nike, Adidas, and various others, their section is ideal for active people. They even have some really interesting tech from Fitbit. So, you can work out in their comfortable selection of clothes and simultaneously track your vitals during the exercise using Fitbit.

So you have bought the ideal suit, but your work is not done. You will of course need a good pair of oxfords to go with it, just as you would require a pair from Nike for your track suit. Their collection of shoes leaves nothing out. You want a pair of slippers, they have it. You want a pair of sneakers, they have it.  You want a pair of slip-ons, they have them too.



Handbag is undoubtedly one of the most important accessories which absolutely has to go with your outfit. Otherwise, all the designer clothes can amount to nothing. We will come out and say it: leather bags are the absolute best. Even vegan leather bags are better than any other material. They have separate sections on Luggage and tech accessories. So, if you are looking for something for your laptop, then looking in the tech section would be the right way to go about it. Or you can always go with a tote for inconspicuously carrying a lot of stuff around. We feel that Totes are the best thing to come out of the hand bag fashion arena. They definitely are the most useful. There isn’t any other thing which will let you be fashionable, carry your laptop, and even a spare dress for when the party starts.

Their luggage and travel section is well equipped as well. Whether you are looking for something to carry your stuff for the weekend or a bag which will get you effortlessly through airports, they have multiple options which will cover both these scenarios and many of the ones in-between. If airports are involved believe us, you do not want anything other than a wheeled trolley bag even for hand carry. Lugging all that weight around can prove to be hell and with all the security points that one has to go through, it is just better to put your things in something which can have a bit of internal compartmentalization. Just remember to keep the important things on your person and accessible at all times.

All in all, Nordstrom is an easy access to the upscale part of fashion. It does not have the exorbitant prices of some of the other chains that we can think of and the customer service is solid. All these things make it an excellent place to shop online.

Benefits and Coupons

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