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title is an online retailer of vintage women’s fashion clothes from the UK. Although, this ecommerce website was brought online in 2000, the business itself started a couple of years earlier. Their aim is to bring the largest collection of unique vintage clothing to the customers at the lowest possible prices. They combine this with some sweet deals like free shipping on orders above £50, as well as a very customer focused returns policy which extends to 365 days on most items. This is followed up by constant deals and promotions through their wide social media presence and efficient customer service.

Motel Rocks has a very interesting history. It all started about 15 years ago when the founders decided to take a road trip through California. During their trip they observed that the whole State was dotted with thrift stores and vintage shops. They were rather impressed with the idea and wanted to bring the vintage fashion to Great Briton. That is when they decided to set up Motel Rocks. Things were slow to start; however, they were able to move ahead using all the resources they could muster. They have now made a name for themselves in the niche and whenever anyone thinks of vintage British Fashion, Motel Rocks is sure to feature in their conversation as well. They have been recognized for their tireless efforts in this niche and won the Drapers Fashion Award in 2010, apart from being among the finalists in the next couple of years.

Things to Know About Them

  • Started in the late 90s
  • Initially inspired by the vintage stores in California
  • Have won various awards
  • A 365 Day Returns Policy
  • Free shipping on qualifying orders

The Products

Motel Rocks offers a wide variety of vintage clothes in new designs. Their apparel side of the business is divided into New In, Clothing, Shop Instagram, Swim, and Trends.

However, let us be honest, the pictures are rarely a true representation of the clothes. But, the good thing about Motel Rocks is that they release video demonstrations of their new collections as well. We would highly recommend going through their channel on YouTube to get a better idea of how things look like. Although, it can be argued that since they use models in the shoots, it still won’t be a true representation. We feel that having a real look at something is still better than no look at all.

New In

New In

The New In section has all their new and upcoming apparel from their various collections. They also have some really remarkable pieces from their recently launched summer collection. You can browse through them one by one, or you can use the options on the left side to refine the displayed items according to what you are looking for. Refining options include size, color, style, and brand.

All the products are produced by Motel Rocks, but they also feature some really cool collaborations with models from all over the UK. However, the real diversity lies in the range of styles present in their collections. So, whether you are looking for a kimono or an off the shoulder or even an old turtleneck, you will find that their collection will give you exquisite choices all around.



This is the main category which provides full access to their whole range of clothes. It is further divided into the regular apparel categories such as Dresses, Playsuits, Tops, Co-ords, Skirts, Trousers, Shorts, Coats in Jackets, Knitwear, Swimwear, etc. There is also an accompanying section which has some really rad accessories.

The dresses section is also further divided into its subcategories featuring options such as body con, maxi, mini, Party, slip, baby doll, and many others. The designs are fantastic and the colors are vibrant. Their whole collection of dresses is commendable. If you are into maxi we would recommend their Carrie Strappy Maxi Dress in Kew Grey By Motel. You will find it to be an excellent piece. Although, in forethought any distinguishing items we mention here may or may not be present on their website when you decide to visit. Nevertheless, another dashing piece is their Bella Maxi Dress in Velvet Glitter Lace by Motel. The name describes this piece quite well, so no further boring discussion is required.

If you aren’t really a party dress girl, then their Playsuits are a really good alternative. Fashionable, comfortable, and in vibrant colors these will turn all eyes in the room to you when you enter.

The Coats in jackets is a fresh breeze from the past. With coat jackets available in denim, and various other materials, these 90s inspired prints will steal away your heart.


The accessories section is rather small with just 36 items at the time this piece was written, but still it has some really interesting options with respect to handbags. It also has some really cool jewelry, which will help you stand out from your peers.

Shop Instagram

Shop Instagram

This section is a stroke of genius. More retailers should include this section. Social media plays a very important part nowadays and displaying all those beautiful clothes on your feeds is pretty much useless unless you provide a link back to the article. So, with this section people can just browse through the most liked pieces from their Instagram feed. If you like something from the feed you can just click on it and it will take you back to the relevant page. Or you can browse this section on their website.

Coupons and Benefits

Motel Rocks is a veritable haven for people who like vintage fashion apparel. If you are interested in buying from Motel Rocks and are looking for some really cool discount coupons to make prices come down, then Rebateszone has just the discount vouchers for you. These coupon codes will help you with staying in budget and still buying your fill of vintage clothing. But, like all good things they have a weakness: their short expiration dates. The only way to overcome this issue is by using them ASAP. So, we highly recommend that if you see something which is just right for you, then use it soon.