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Title is an online retailer of specialty outdoor recreational clothing headquartered in Madison Heights, Mississippi.  The company started as a brick and mortar store back in 1992 in Keego harbor, Michigan. They retail some of the top brands in the industry like The North Face, Adidas, etc.  The company has had a slow but steady pace of expansion and currently holds fort at 11 locations across 4 US States: Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, and Missouri. Most of their shops are located in Michigan.

Moose Jaw website has a lighter touch to the whole setup and we would highly recommend going through their history even if just for a couple of laughs. It is divided according to years and each year they have something extremely funny to share with the world. Just read the following entry which was entered for 1994:

We opened our second shop in East Lansing. The move was made strictly to get girls to like us. We went a whole month without a girl coming in. The first girl to come in was actually looking for the pet shop. My mom turned in her Mountaineer for an Explorer. 

This is just ingenious and an excellent way to keep their visitors entertained while they buy stuff for future adventures. As we said earlier, they started with a single shop and have slowly expanded over the years. What makes them different from others in the business is the goodwill that they have and their upfront honesty. This is backed by an excellent price match policy which works till 14 days after the sale. This means that if you bought an article of clothing and later found out that the exact same product is available for a lesser amount from another place, you can simply send them the link along with your proof of purchase and they will credit your account.

Things to know about Them

  • Started in 1992
  • Went online with in 1995
  • Excellent customer service
  • A competitive price match policy
  • Their unique sense of humor

The Products

They sell a lot of specialty apparel, gear, and accessories. It is divided into the following categories:

Brands Jackets Clothing
Footwear Hike & Camp Climb
Fitness Bike Water Sports
Snow Sale


Let us go through some of these segments to get a better understanding about the range and diversity of the products up for sale.


If you believe in the power of brands and like to shop only one of them then this is the section you want to shop through. They have some top of the line brands available for sale including their own. The featured brands include Arcteryx, The North Face, Patagonia, Mosse Jaw, and Canada Goose. There are many others. Once you have selected a brand you will be taken to its specific page.

You can refine the displayed items using the options on the left hand side of the page. These include Category, Gender, Features, Jacket length, Size, Color, and a whole lot of other options to arrive at the product of your dreams. However, if you are looking for more of the same product, then using their site search feature will be a much faster way to reach it.



Jackets are one of the most important parts of your attire in any trip to the mountains. And even in spring the weather is not dependable enough to discard your outer garment completely. It is best to be well equipped for all types of weather on a mountain hike. If you are attempting something in a colder region insulated clothing is the way to go.

Their jackets section is further divided into parts by Gender, Activity, and Technology.



The clothing section is divided into the regular articles of clothing such as pants, shorts, hoodies, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. There is a large variety of unique pieces present and people will generally find what they are looking for. Style isn’t really the primary thing when you go for a hike or mountain climb, safety and practicality comes first. But, on the other hand, if there is a choice then personal style does not have to be sacrificed. The versatility of designs present in their inventory will ensure that no one goes back empty handed.



The footwear section contains a huge variety of specialized footwear along with more casual wear as well. You will find hiking shoes, climbing boots, running shoes, and a whole lot of other footwear as well. Everything that they have is guaranteed to be genuine and will last a long time.

Footwear is incomplete without a pair of nice socks. And when you are an athlete you need socks which are comfortable but also that are durable. We have found that almost all normal socks wear out in just a couple of days during a hike. So, if it’s your first time, the importance of choosing a good pair of hiking socks cannot be stressed enough.

Hike & Camp

Hike and Camp

This is where you will find the material to keep you happy and cared for against the elements at night or on weekend camping trips. Backpacks, knives, multi-tools, tents, you name it and they have it. If you have not yet purchased your Swiss Army knife we would recommend the Midnite Mini Champ from their collection. It is an excellent piece which combines a ball point pen, blade, scissors, led light, scrapers, orange peeler, ruler, screw driver, wire stripper and a whole lot of other functions. And it fits in the palm of your hand.

Coupons and Benefits

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