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Title is an online retailer which sells headphones, speakers, power cables and various other wired products. It is an ecommerce website managed by Monster Inc. They started manufacturing high performance cables for audio/video components in all major electronic devices, now they have many of their own products as well. Founded back in 1978, it is currently headquartered in Brisbane, California. The total number of unique products produced by them exceeds 6000, but they are mostly known for their high quality cables. The company was founded by engineer and audiophile Noel Lee, who discovered this form of high quality wire. The company employs 600 people and is still privately owned after being in the industry for 38 years.

There is quite an interesting story behind the innovation that was the high quality audio wire. Before Noel’s discovery the industry used the regular wires for audio equipment, which were also used in lamps and other electrical devices. Lee made this discovery when he was researching different wire constructions for audio clarity. His work pretty much revolutionized the industry. But, it took some time to catch on. Although he was successful in securing the financing required for opening a separate company, people were reluctant in adopting the idea that cables actually made a difference to the audio quality. This was despite the fact that he had a positive reception at CES in 1978. But, things picked up in the 1980s as awareness finally spread due to Lee’s tireless and ingenious marketing efforts, which included live demonstrations in front of his clients.

Today Monster, Inc. is a behemoth which holds more than 500 unique patents in the US alone. They have won various awards for their contributions to the industry.

Things to know about them

  • Stared in 1978 by Noel Lee
  • Lee is an audiophile himself
  • Offer over 6000 products
  • The new high performance wire revolutionized the industry
  • Recognized multiple times for their contribution to the industry
  • Co-developed the popular Beats by Dr. Dre in 2008

The Products

The products can be divided into three main categories on the website: Shop, Explore, and Sale. Let us explore them briefly to get a better idea about what they are offering the world.

The shop section is further subdivided into Headphones, Cables, Power, More, Speakers, Promotions, and Portable.


In ear Head Phones

Headphones are further divided into In Ear, On Ear, Over Ear, Wireless/Bluetooth, Sport, and Accessories. The main thing to understand about Monster Products is that it is a premium name when it comes to audio and this very much reflects in the products that you buy from them. They may be a bit expensive, but you will get pure quality.

That is why when Dr. Dre wanted to make his own brand, he turned to Monster Cables to manufacture the popular in-ear headphones. This arrangement was very successful and continued till 2010, when HTC bought a majority stake in the company at 50.1%. The contract was then discontinued with Monster Inc. and HTC took all production of the audio equipment in house.

Monster Products has collaborated with various other artists over the years to get high quality audio equipment to the market. This business model has been highly successful with collaborations with top quality artists such as Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, LeBron James and the latest one with Yao Ming. The collaboration with Yao Ming was primarily for the Chinese market.

They have an excellent inventory which will suit all kinds of people from those who love to hear music on the go to hardcore gamers who like the experience to be completely immersive.

Wireless Headphones

They also have some of the best wireless headphones in the market. This section includes both in ear and on ear versions for high end users and athletes. Let us go through a couple of them to get a better idea. After all, the future smartphones are supposed to be coming without a 3.5mm jack. These rumors are primarily about the next generation of iPhones to be released this year and with their purchase of Beats Electronics, they are highly likely to be true.

Their ROC Sport Black Platinum Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones are some of the best in the market. These have been co-produced with football player and legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Being produced by these two is the highest guarantee that one can need for anything. But, you are getting total noise isolation in addition to the high quality sound. They come with a built in battery which can be charged to give hours of playback time.



Cables are where they started their journey and this is where they truly excel. They provide high quality cables for audio, computers, HDMI, Home Theater, Mobile, Music, Speakers, Video, along with many different accessories.



Even the greatest cables will not protect you from surge protection, primarily because this is not their function. To provide the whole solutions they had to develop power solutions as well which would protect against these surges and provide the best quality audio possible. They have wall and USB components incorporated in their extensions. These products are ideal for audio, video, and internet solutions. All three can be affected due to surge in power and contribute towards degrading the overall output. Their platinum solution includes 2 USB 3.4 A ports, 6 power outlets, and protection up to 2160 joules. This includes a connected equipment warranty of $800,000. You will not find a more ideal power solution to your expensive setups.

Monster Products has a long history of quality and we feel that it is one of the premium equipment manufacturers out there.

Coupons and Benefits

If you are impressed with their history of innovative products and their quality, then it would be worthwhile to look into their website. But, we understand that premium products come at high costs and Monster Products is no exception to the rule. That is why you can use these coupon codes from Rebateszone to bring down their prices. These coupons will help you enjoy high quality audio/video and still stay inside the budget. However, we urge all our visitors to use these promo codes ASAP, because they are issued for short periods of time and tend to expire. We would hate to see you leave disappointed when you return later and find them expired.