Mishka NYC Coupon Codes, Promo Code

Mishkanyc.com is an ecommerce store which sells hip hop inspired clothing. They started back in the 1980s and have since been providing customers with hip clothing. Starting from NYC they now have locations throughout the US, as well as other parts of the world including Europe, Australia, and Asia. They believe in an inclusive atmosphere, so even if you are new to the culture they will help you out. There stores are known for their art which features theme from street art and all things hip hop.

The website features an effective design with some really original artwork in the background. The main categories are displayed at the top center of the home page and include Shop, Bloglin, Stockists, Music, Flagships, About, and Contact Us. Moving downwards, you will find a beautiful collage of their bestselling and upcoming items. At the bottom you have the customary Company information, shipping policies, and social media page links.

Shop is the main category and upon clicking it you will be taken to their store with all the regular product categories. You can rearrange the items according to seasons, or the more regular headings like tops, pants, etc. Despite their outlandish designs, we can assure you that comfort is at the bottom of making every article of clothing. We were impressed with their DA Woodland Camo Boys’ Varsity Jacket. It was an excellent article of clothing.

The blog is one of the more interesting ones we have ever gone through. If you do go there we would recommend a Christmas story about a drunken man, Uber, and a gentleman’s club. It has some really interesting stories and songs from different artists.

If you are impressed by the specific nature and range of their products and would like to know more, visit their website. You can order the products online and have them shipped to your address. Shipping is free on select orders, but you will have to read through their shipping policy for details about international charges and delivery times. The website is secure and accepts all major online payment methods including Visa and MasterCard. The customer service is available via phone or email and is there to solve any problems and answer all queries. Additionally, you can follow them via Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

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