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To get consumed with all the modern gadgets and splendid technology that we have around us is not a surprise anymore. Be it a man or a woman, an adult or a child, it seems that none of them can resist and refrain themselves from using such amazing products. It’s not like that it is causing some great harm to the people; however, everything comes with its pros and cons! Similarly, these gadgets tend to cause a little bit of hindrance for our younger generations as far as their education and mental development is concerned. Mindware was founded by Jeanne Voigt in Minneapolis, back in the year 1990. The company specializes in manufacturing unique and entertaining brainy toys such as educational games, brain teasers, creative play activities, building sets, coloring books and many more! Mindware has greatly helped with the development of children in the country and has continued to cater for their educational needs while has kept the fun intact as well. Initially, the company started with a small retail store but with sheer hard work and commitment, they kept on moving on the path which led them to nowhere but huge success and glory. They now lead the industry and have a full on web retail store while distribute products to about 2000 authorized retailers in the US and to 20 other countries worldwide. The company also distributes products to schools, parents, homeschoolers and educators. Their mission is to help and revolutionize education of children around the globe with their high quality products.

Mindware also believes in complete customer satisfaction and that is why their team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing quality service to their clientele. Committed in maintaining supreme customer relationship management, Mindware provides a comprehensive exchange or return with a refund policy if customer has any such doubt relating to the product just to ensure maximum level of satisfaction. Moreover, their representatives handle all the queries as quickly as possible, help and guide all of their customers in selecting the best suited products for their lads and arrange timely deliveries while avoiding mistakes. Mindware products have also won some excellent international awards as well, such as Parents’ Choice, NAGC, Disney and others.

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