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This is a company that aims at beautifying the fireplace mantel in our homes. The mantels are sometimes made up of shelves using basic materials as well as tools. There are some specific links which can be used in order to make the required selection and subsequently help in purchasing process as well as installation.There are extensive features to choose from in order to get a perfect and good looking fireplace. These fireplaces are made up of a variety of materials such as Pine, Oak, Poplar, Maple, Cherry and Douglas Fir. The mantels can be finished in different styles using custom or standard lengths. The configurations that are adopted are very unique to fit with your sense of style.

The company is highly specialized in making the custom fireplaces with mantel shelves to match with. These fireplaces come at very affordable prices. They are extremely easy to install. In the majority of the cases, the adjustable brackets are employed. These are capable of complementing the kind of selection that you choose. The wood mantel shelves can be made from standard or custom size materials. These shelves can be delivered within a period of 3-6 weeks. This depends on the type of selection which you have selected. It is possible for you to get Fireplace Mantel Shelves in a finish of your choice.
Some people prefer the Vintage White Paint on Popular. There are other finishes that you can adopt. The others are Golden Oak stain on Red Oak, Red Mahogany stain on Red Oak as well as the Cherry or Poplar. The company offers a great selection of solid wood timber Fireplace Mantel Places. The joineries of such mantels are made up of tenon and mortise which are put in place using the oak pegs. There are a number solid wood types made up of mantel shelf designs with a Cabot exterior stain. The timber shelves can be shipped within a period of 4 weeks.

Wood Fireplace Mantels
A wooden fireplace creates a great statement. These are fireplaces made up of cherry, maple and even popular. The company of Mantels Direct offers a great selection of wood mantels of the highest quality.

Fireplace Surround Facing Kits
This is a fireplace that surrounds the Facing Kits and it is a perfect complements to the Traditional Wood Mantel. You can also make use of the stone surround facing kits.

Electric Fireplaces
The electric fireplaces are of great value. These fireplaces look great in your home. The flame effect is very realistic and above all it is an economical operation in the modern home or office. The installation of this wonderful fireplace is simple and there is very high flexibility in design and other aspects. It can be located anywhere including the bedroom, lobby, living room and finally the kitchen. In this case, you will not be required to have an outer wall. There is a large selection of mantel packages including a fireplace with multiple corners. You will not need any professional help while installing this fireplace. There is no need of having gas in the house. You only need the electrical power.

Outdoor Fireplaces
The outdoor fireplaces make your home to look executive as you take your diner. Here you will need to use the fire pits and fire bowls. This is a popular practice these days. The fireplaces are very easier to install and you can use them on your events.

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