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MakeMKV is a software that converts video files of certain formats into Matroska format by following some very simple steps. MakeMKV is the need of the hour because actions against online copyrights infringements have pretty much increased lately while downloading a video file from the internet should not be and is not much of a problem for any one. The Matroska format is a ‘free for all format’ unlike other formats of DVD files or Blu – Ray Discs. While downloading a movie on a DVD format or on the Blu – Ray format can turn out to be against compliance, a Matroska format movie will never tend to arise such an issue. This is not all, Matroska format with its modern technology allows to store about 40% of more data in a single file than the usual DVD or Blu – Ray file; and, all this without compromising the quality of the imagery of the file! Now a days, everyone wants things to be short and swift which can give more output while the inputs inserted are lesser, more efficient and take lesser room. In this regard, Matroska files are an exact fit while MakeMKV is the best tool. If a High Definition (HD) movie with a resolution of 1080 pixels takes about 4.0 GB of space on your hard disk than the same movie once converted into Matroska format through MakeMKV can save up to 3.0 GB of space while you will still be able to enjoy all the of the high definition entertainment. Similarly, if you imagine that how much of space can be readily available for you as a whole once you start using MakeMKV and keeping all of the files in Matroska format then it can get as good as it can.

Matroska files initially had some problems with the streaming of videos and were not recognized by many of the video players but with time, this issue has tended to diminish and MakeMKV with its Beta version has resolved all of such issues for its customers. The admirable reviews validate the customer satisfaction on behalf of MakeMKV. The users are also very active on the MakeMKV forum and the mutual discussions always benefit the whole lot of the customers. Many minute queries regarding the player are responded on the forum and instantly resolved. Moreover, prior announcements about updates or cancellations are also made on the forum. MakeMKV though runs using a complex set of binary codes at the back end but has a very user friendly interface and mere 3 steps are needed for any conversion. To guarantee maximum satisfaction for its customers, MakeMKV is certified by ‘Softpedia’ to be 100% virus free.

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