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This is a family business which is always referred to as the Little Giant Ladder Company. The founder of the company, Hal Wing, knew right from the beginning that high kind of ladder would one day replace all the ordinary ladders in the marketplace. The founder had seen that outcome some 30 years ago. He created the Wing Enterprises which was used to import Little Giant Ladders all the way from German.

These ladders were initially sold at trade shows and fairs. The other family members were very instrumental in the running of the business. They were very helpful in assembling the shipped Little Giant Ladder component. That exercise was carried out from the family garage. Soon word spread around that they were selling very high quality ladders. Hal went further to acquire the licensing rights to be allowed to manufacture the Small Giant Ladder locally in the United States. The demand that was placed at time went by outpaced the space in the garage. This family was desperately needed some more space. They took a loan which they used to acquire an abandoned office building which they converted into a proper manufacturing centre for the company.

The company has undergone various transforms since its humble beginnings as Wing Enterprises. The company has continuously upgraded the ladder basing their innovations on the original German design. Currently, as a result of the innovative efforts they have more product lines for sale.
The company Wing Enterprises now is a holder of a number of patents globally on ladder design as well as manufacturing techniques. The company is very proud of its world class R&D department when new ideas are generated to give the company a competitive edge in its operations. Through their research and implementation they have brought a revolution to the ladder industry. They manufacture and distribute their ladders to homeowners, businesses and professionals across the globe. The firm is still managed by family members such as sons and several aunts, cousins and even grandchildren. This is what makes it’s a “small family business”
How it works, and how you get paid
To make money as an affiliate member, you will be required to be signed up as a Little Giant affiliate. That is the only way in which you will get access to a number of text and banners which you can place on your website.
Every time the customers you have referred make any form of purchase, you as an affiliate will get a 10 per cent. That is all about the affiliate program.
What makes their Affiliate Program so profitable?
The company is a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of ladder systems which are strong and safe. That translates to very huge demands for the product from schools, homes, churches, contractors and many other institutions. The other advantages of this program include: the program is managed by a trusted third party, the conversion rates are above average and the site is professionally designed and maintained.