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Who They Are

Lesportsac.com is an online retailer which sells casual nylon bags. It was founded back in 1974, and has since been providing the public at large with excellent options which are fashion forward and extremely well-designed. The philosophy revolves around producing bags which not only appeal to the aesthetic senses of their customers, but are also durable and can last decades. This was one of the major reasons for choosing nylon as the base material for the bags. Part of the charm in shopping with them is that you do not have second thoughts about the quality of the material.

Things to Know About Them

  • Started in 1974
  • Use nylon of the basement feel for their bags
  • Provide a whole range of different handbags and accessories
  • Known for their collaborations with other major designers
  • Excellent customer service

The Products

There are a couple of ways to browse through their products. However, the major categories listed on their website are Collection, Collaborations, Bags, Accessories, and Color. Let us go through them briefly to have a better understanding about the full range of products available for purchase.


This section contains all the various collections of their loss over the years. It is divided into fitness, essential, signature, baby, luggage, and exclusives.

Before moving to the specifics of these collections let us cover a couple of common points. Most of them use a very specific fabric which is very lightweight and yet has micro rip stop properties. No one wants to carry luggage in a bag which itself weighs about 5 pounds. This technology ensures that the bag itself does not add to the weight and hence take away from your experience. This is supplemented by their excellent hardware which in most cases is aluminum based. This ensures smooth function and zippers which glide effortlessly.

Essential Collection


The essential collection will give you access to their pouches, cosmetics, wallets, minis, convertibles, cross bodies, backpacks, totes, and weekenders. A pouch is one of the most essential accessories that a person can carry around. It’s actually a personal preference whether you choose between a wallet or a pouch, but if you have to carry a lot of things you can balance them both.

A fashionista never goes anywhere without her everyday cosmetic bag. After all, it takes a mix of fashion forward clothing and the right makeup to stay ahead of the fashion trends. Their collection of everyday cosmetic bags will ensure that you have ample space to keep all the necessary items and yet not feel out of fashion. You can choose from a whole variety of different patterns which covers simple plaid ones to complex dotted ones.

We’ve said it before and will say it again that totes are one of the best things to come out of fashion. Can you think of another thing which you can sling over your shoulders, stay in fashion, and yet carry a whole range of different items. It is an excellent accessories for busy moms and equally good for college students. It can carry a laptop, notebooks, personal hygiene products, a makeup kit, and even a spare dress.

If you like to walk around a lot or cycle to work, the backpack is the best option. Having an active lifestyle is very important indeed, but it is by no means easy. Trying to fit in a workout session, while juggling a carrier and your family, can be a tough task indeed. So, using a means of transport where you have to sweat a bit should cover any persons basic exercise requirements. Sometimes, it is the simplest of things that we are after the most. Even Obama, when asked what he was looking forward to the most after retirement, wanted to just walk around the city.

Fitness Collection


Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or someone who is training for a triathlon or does CrossFit, a gym bag is an absolutely essential thing to carry the mats, towels, and other accessories. But, there is an additional requirement; it has to be durable as well. After all, it is going to be tossed around a lot in the fitness training itself.

Signature Collection


This collection contains some of the most beautiful bags we have seen on the internet. Unique, simple, and absolutely fabulous, they are one of those collections which you will not hesitate to buy or even pay a bit more than usual. The loveliest of them all is undoubtedly the Signature Small Satchel. It is priced a bit more than most, but it has the looks to demand a bit extra. If high quality and beautiful design is your motto, then this is the perfect piece.

Baby Collection

Any family person will know that babies get their own bags. You can fit the necessary things in the tote as well, but if you have your own items to carry in that, then it is best to go for a bag which has been made specifically for a baby. They have some really interesting children friendly designs in this one.

Luggage Collection


This is the last of their true collections. It caters to people who like to travel around a bit. It has their wheeled trolley bags. The largest option available is a 24 inch is a vertical trolley bag, with an adorable floral print. The retractable handle can be set to three different positions, so adjust it according to your comfortability level. It has the main compartment along with some easy access outside pockets.

The other categories have a similar range and diversity of bags available for sale. They serve as an alternate classification and browsing systems.

Coupons and Benefits

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