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Learn2serve.com is the best training solution that offers series over the web. It is powered by 360training who are a leading provider of regulated government accredited over the internet certification training courses. Learn2serve courses are based around the hospitality industry and include: restaurant, bar, hotel, grocery, and convenience store employees as well as managers. They are the leading in provision of the best online seller & server, and food manager certification courses in the whole country, all through they compromise on the quality of training as may be expected. There are two main components of the Learn2serve training solution and these include a highly interactive, uniquely paced alcohol seller & server certifications as well as food safety manager training services.
The learn2serve online alcohol seller and server certification training courses are fully recognized in more than thirty states. Among the leading accreditations are; The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC), Wisconsin Department of Revenue, California Coordinating Council on Responsible Beverage Service (CCCRB), Comptroller of Maryland, Colorado – Eagle County Liquor Control, and South Carolina Department of Revenue.
There are high expectations that other states will join as time goes by. For the states which do not have any accreditation program, the learn2serve courses have been well formulated, and learn2serve have made the resolution to provide employers and seller with official certification and verification by a well recognized third party that is recognized by courts and insurance companies.
Other than the above named programs, they as well have the Learn2serve Food Safety Manager Certification Training. This is a comprehensive self paced multimedia course, which is offered or 10–12 hours. It will adequately prepare you for the official FSM certification course. On getting registered, you are allowed to take the maximum time possible in completion of the course, all along this process, you will be guided by several quizzes, interactive exercises, animations, cartoons, and games. If you live outside Texas, you have to call
Experior in order to identify the nearest exam centers; this exam is only being offered for
those to have fully completed the online course. Note that all the calls to Experior are toll free.
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