Keepsake Quilting Coupon Codes Promo Code

Keepsake Quilting is a retailer of all things quilting, from Center Harbor, New Hampshire. It was started back in 1986, by Judy and Russ Sabanek. They printed their first catalog in the spring of 1987, which was highly popular and was successful among the general public. Since then, they have been printing a catalog on an yearly basis. Their first catalog was small and mostly black and white, has become a complete digest with beautiful and colored photographs. Center Harbor is a small town in New Hampshire, the population of which merely crosses 1000 people, on average. Their catalog was so successful that people actually came all the way down there to have a look at the different fabrics that they had presented in their catalog.

Keepsake Quilting has had a long history of holding quilting challenges in its store. For 20 years, twice a year quilters from all over the world have competed in a challenge to knit the best quilt, which has a top  prize of $500. But, it isn’t really the money for which people enter this challenge, it is the prestige of winning the challenge and the recognition it gets them. The quilt can be sewn by hand or by machine. The finished product has to be 30” x 30”. It must also contain the four challenge fabrics that they have decided for that specific challenge. It can include more if the person entering, so wishes.

The main products at keepsake quilting can be divided into the following major categories: Patterns, Fabrics, Tools/Notions, Kits, How To, and the rest. Each of the categories is further divided into useful portions; for example, the patterns section can further be arranged by project, style, team, size, and so on. In their How To section, you will find a range of books on quilting for all audiences. They have a really impressive and detailed blog which has helpful articles on how to quilt and all things quilting. For your ease, the blog has also been divided into different sections, which are similar to the ones on their main website.

If you’re interested in what they have to offer and would like to browse through all their products, you can visit their well-designed web store. You can purchase all their products online from their secure website. The web store supports all major online payment methods. They ship their products to all the US states and many international destinations as well. They have a no quibble, hassle free returns policy, which means that if you’re unsatisfied with their product you can just send it back and have a full refund. If you have any difficulty or want to ask any additional questions, you can contact their customer support via phone or email. Additionally, you can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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