Instant E-Training Coupons, Promo Code

Instant E-Training is an online website which offers various training for different programs over the internet. This website was created to fulfill a niche that Bob, the owner thought needed attention. With the changing trends in technology online marketing was going to become the major form of marketing. With this thought in mind, he wanted to create a platform where he could provide the relevant resources to fellow marketers and hence, Instant e-Training was launched. It now has programs in all areas of digital marketing.

The website is beautifully designed, keeping ease of navigation in mind. The top left area gives you access to Video Library, Certification Training, Free Resource, and About Us. The bottom of the site lists their instructors horizontally. Underneath it is another list, which contains the names of organizations that they have trained. Some of the more popular ones include HP, Dell, Oracle, and IBM.

The video library section contains their training videos on Social Media, SEO, Analytics, Conversion & Usability, Content Marketing, Pay per Click, and Email. Exploring Video Library, you will find it neatly separated into Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Twitter, and other social media website. They have various videos on the subject by different presenters, which explain things in different ways.

If watching videos is too boring then you can attempt one of their certifications. This will keep you motivated enough to go through all the content, because of the certificate being awarded at the end. In this, you will receive access to videos along with a mentor who will guide you through the process. In the end, you will have to answer quizzes and submit a live project. If you do this well enough then you will be handed the Certificate of Achievement making you a certified SEO Strategist.

If you are still unsure, they have the Free Resources section just for you. In this section, you will find free Webinars, Instant Content Marketing Success, and an Instant E-Training Blog. You can check out these free resources and if you are impressed then you can take up one of their certifications. Plus, you will also find out if you have the aptitude for this line of work.

If you are impressed by what they have to offer and would like to see all their courses, visit their well-designed website. They accept all major online payment options and the site is fully secure. At any time if you wish to ask any questions, you can contact their customer support via phone or email. Additionally, you can also follow them on Facebook, and Twitter.

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