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We are all aware of the oldest shopping channel in the industry, but many people are still unaware of its successful ecommerce business, which brings interaction with them to a whole new level. How did they perform in our review, just read on to find out.

Who They Are

HSN was one of the first home shopping channels to come live on cable. It did not start by that name, but it pretty much was responsible for single handedly revolutionizing the industry. Today, they operate two major Brands. HSN, short for Home Shopping Network, is their highly successful retail business operating through TV, ground outlets, and their highly successful ecommerce website. They are pretty much a one stop shop for most home owners, with categories covering the whole range of products.

A Brief History

It was launched as the Home Shopping Club, back in 1982 as a local cable channel. It took them only three years to expand their business to the whole nation. It was at this point that the name was changed to Home Shopping Network. It was a relatively new idea at the time, but it was nonetheless very successful, as potential customers could see the actual product in real time before deciding to put in an order. That is enough about the history. Let us move on to other things.

Claim to Fame

They have many claims to fame, but we have selected the following as the most important ones.

  • Pioneers in introducing the Telemarketing channel phenomenon.
  • Known for their awesome deals.
  • FlexPay options which lets the customers distribute the load of purchases over the months, instead of emptying their pocket upfront.
  • Their amazing multiplatform approach

Website Design

The website features a simple yet effective design, which is very easy to navigate. The main categories are located at the top center of the home page and include Fashion, Shoes, Jewelry, Beauty, Health & Fitness, etc. Just below them you will find the best deals for the day. In the center, they have their bestselling products along with an expanded version of the deals that are ongoing at the moment. At the bottom, you will find the customary company information, policies, help, customer service, and social media page links.

Ease of Navigation

The overall theme uses white a shade which is contrasted with different colors. This leads to a soothing effect, which enhances the experience. Each of the categories is further divided into sub categories. This feature eases the whole process of browsing for specific products. Or, if you already know the things that you wish to buy, then using their site search feature located at the top right side of every page would yield results faster.

Once you do select a category, then there are further options to refine your search, which appear on the left side of the page. You have easy access to all the categories under the main one in the form of Departments. Other options include Popular Filters like Free Shipping, Sale, etc.; along with Brand and Price.

On selecting a specific product, you have the option of using Quick View or you can click on the picture to go the separate page with the complete details. The descriptions themselves are very helpful; and having access to their live channel, which is HD by the way, means that you can quickly see the product live before you make a decision about it.

The website is well optimized for ease of navigation.

The Actual Products

The ecommerce website is one of the biggest stores you will see online. It has almost everything related to home and office that you can wish to buy. The complete things that you can browse through are as follows:

Fashion Shoes Jewelry
Beauty Health & Fitness Home
Kitchen & Food Electronics Football Fan
Crafts & Sewing Gifts Clearance


We will not be able to go through all of them so we have selected a few, which we will discuss in more detail.



This section includes all their collection of Apparel, Shoes, Accessories, and much more. You have the option of shopping by Departments which will divide the products into the regular categories. We feel that the Apparel section is leaning towards the fashion requirements of the female gender rather than the male. When we started this review, they had 2500 items listed for women and the total number for Men was just 26. Talk about gender bias.

Jokes apart, they give you the option of browsing by brand or by clothe type in the form of tops, bottoms, dresses, etc. The brands contained some of the well-known ones along with quite a few unknown ones. Overall, the quantity was adequate, but it wasn’t their best equipped section for sure. On the other hand, their other sections such as shoes and accessories were much better equipped. The designs were alluring and most people would be satisfied with the collection.


JewelryWith more than 9000 unique pieces of jewelry in their inventory it is definitely well equipped to handle a range of customers. Whether you are looking for a diamond ring or a charm bracelet, they have you covered. And if you want to go a bit retro and use a brooch and pin, even then you will not be disappointed.

Once again you have the option to browse through categories such as rings, fine jewelry, earrings, necklaces, etc. Or, you can just browse the brands that you like best. The designs are simply fabulous and you can buy all types of jewelry like gold, rose gold, sterling silver, gemstones, diamonds, crystals, and white gold. However, we did notice a lack of platinum jewelry, so it isn’t for people who love platinum as a metal for their stones. Even if you cannot afford to buy the expensive pieces at once, then they have their FlexPay option, which we will talk about later.

Kitchen & Food


If you are a foodie who loves to cook and eat scrumptious food, then this section will entice you and take you in its embrace. They have a veritable collection of appliances and accessories. From your kitchen organizers to bake ware and from grilling to cutlery, they have it all under one main section.

If you are a fan of their cooking segments and just love their dream kitchen team, then they have all the things that your favorite chef uses, up for sale. It will help you in following the techniques that they use, helping your to learn to cook like them at a faster rate.



The electronics section has a lot of categories. They can be divided into the following major departments: Computers and Office, TV’s & Home Theater, Phones, Wearable Tech, Cameras & Camcorders, Audio, Video Games, and many more.

They have an adequate collection of computers and laptops up for grabs. The items have competitive prices and the FlexPay options available on most of the systems make them affordable. Plus, if you catch one of their deals, then it would be the best thing that can happen. At the time of this review, they had a deal on HP laptops, which brought down the prices to below $600, for touch screen convertible laptops with windows 10 preinstalled. And we are talking about quad-core processors, of course.

The TV section is divided into 4 parts: 32 and under, 33 to 50, 51 to 59, and 60 and up. You have all the major brands available for sale like Samsung, LG, Apple, etc. Their biggest set available for purchase was the Samsung 65” LED, which was a smart TV with a curved screen. It has 4K UHD and you can imagine the picture quality. It is an experience in itself. You have all the usual options from the smart TVs in it.

The rest of the section also had a good range and diversity of products, but it would just become too boring to review their details one by one.


FlexPay is their in-house financing option for you to buy the products you want and then pay them over a period of time in fixed installments. The price charged for this service is obviously higher than the listed price, but it works if you do not want to pay any extra charges to banks. Of course, if you pay for it through a credit card in the first place, then the bank will add its own charges.

We feel that the best way to use their service is to use your Debit card, i.e. if you cannot pay upfront. It will give you access to the products that you want and still remain under budget.

Payments, Customer Service, and Social Media

FlexPay is available on most items, but not all of them. They also have all the regular online payment options such as Visa and MasterCard. You can also subscribe to their HSN Card, which will give you access to some exclusive deals as well. The website is completely secure and will protect your private information.

You can order the products online and have them shipped to your address. Shipping is available to all the US states and is free on select orders, but you will have to read through their shipping policy for complete details about charges and delivery times.

The customer service is available via phone and email. They will help answer all your additional queries about the products and also resolve any issues that you face in using their services. Additionally, you can follow them on the social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google +, and Instagram.

American Dreams

Their American Dreams program is for the innovators of today and the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. If you have a new product idea and a functional prototype, then you can submit a video of it to their American Dreams portal and you may be selected for the program. It will help you find financiers and overall help in the marketing of your idea.

Our Conclusion

HSN was the one which started the entire telemarketing channel craze, and we feel that it has been a mixed blessing. It offers a new level to window-shopping products. On the other hand, they do provide a valuable service and the range and diversity of their products is definitely good. The FlexPay option allows you to buy products which would be otherwise completely out of your budget. All in all, it is definitely a top notch place to shop.

Coupons and Benefits

The basic function of coupons is to bring down the prices of products and make them affordable for the consumers. Times were when you had to browse print magazines and what not to find the coupons, now you can just come to a website like ours and see what is available. So, if you have finally decided to add a 60” Smart TV to you living room, Rebateszone can help you out in your shopping extravaganza by giving you access to HSN.com coupon codes. However, we urge all our visitors to redeem them ASAP, as they are issued for short periods of time and tend to expire.

How to use Coupons

1. Go to their website and select the products that you would like to buy.

2. Add them to the bag one by one.

3. When you are done shopping, just click on the shopping bag icon present at the top right corner of every page.

4. You will be directed to a page showing the summary of your selected items.

5. Here select the shipping and other details.

6. Next Continue to Checkout. Unfortunately, you can only see the effects of the coupon in the review section.

7. Here you will have the option of either signing in or to continue as a guest.

8. Just enter the details and come to Order Review and you will find the box for coupon code in the Order Review Summary.


9. Copy the code from our website and enter it there. Click Apply.

10. It will refresh the page and the new amount will be displayed with the discount from the coupon.

11. Just proceed forward as usual and complete the purchase, if you are satisfied with everything.