GUM Brand Coupons, Promo Codes is an e-commerce hub for SunStar Americas Inc. It was established in 1923 by Dr. John O Butler, who was a periodontist from Chicago. He was the first person to introduce what can now be called a modern toothbrush. The toothbrushes at the time were largely ceremonial and had little to do with scientifically designed oral health accessories that we find in the market today. Butler introduced the two-row, 12-tuft toothbrush with a white handle. It was designed keeping the shape of the mouth and teeth in mind.

He continued to sell this new design all alone for 10 years. Eventually, it was sold out to an investment firm in 1949. They expand the business using proper sales and marketing techniques. It is currently owned by SunStar Inc. which is a Japanese oral healthcare giant. The company has been associated with several developments in the oral hygiene industry. They were the first ones to introduce a plastic handle in place of the usual bone one. It provided an easy way to distinguish between different toothbrushes for different family members, as each family member could have a different colored toothbrush.

The website features a simple and effective design, which is easy to navigate. The main categories listed on the homepage are: Products, Solution Finder, Oral Care Topics, Where to Buy, and Special Offers. Scrolling down this page will take you to their best-selling products. Links to company information, customer service, and the social media pages can be found at the customary bottom position. They currently sell toothbrushes, flossers, picks, tongue cleaners, and many other oral healthcare products. Our favorite one was their Pulse Rotapower Toothbrush. Being battery powered and having a small tuft it is able to clean between the teeth and provide better access to hard-to-reach areas.

If you are impressed by their history and range of products and want to see the whole collection, please visit their website. You can order the products online and have them shipped to your address. Shipping is free on select orders, but you will have to read through their shipping policy for complete details. The website is secure and accepts all major online payment options such as Visa and MasterCard. But, in case of any difficulties or additional questions, you can contact their customer service via phone or email. Additionally, you can keep in touch with them through Facebook and Twitter.

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