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Geox Breathes is a leading brand of Geox group in the international market, providing shoes and apparel to men, women, girls, and boys. Originally started and based in Italy in 1995, it is now a global brand recognized all over the world. The reason for its popularity has been its constant innovations and design upgrades. It has over 60 different patents registered in Italy alone, which also extends to the international community. The word Geox is derived from the Greek word Geo and the letter X which symbolizes technology. As is apparent from the name, it is a company which believes in sustainable products and protecting the environment. In lieu of this, they financed a study which found out that one rubber-soled shoe, in its lifecycle, produces 32 kg of carbon dioxide. They have since balanced this by planting trees in Haiti.

So, what exactly is this breathable technology that they are trying to promote? Since, the product line is divided into two major categories the breathable technology can also be associated with each of them individually. Let us start with the breathable technology employed in shoes. This technology is most characterized in their brand Nebula. The technology and design enable nebula shoes to be more breathable by having a perforated sole strengthened by a performance membrane. The second type of innovation is that the interior lining has spaces designed in such a way that they allow more airflow without compromising any usability. These innovations coupled with its lightweight, dynamic fit and water repellent materials make it an excellent product. All of this means that the heat regulation inside the shoe allows your feet to breathe and hence increases the comfort.

The apparel applies a similar mechanism to achieve the best results in garments. There is a spacer layer in their garments, which allows excess heat from evaporating sweat to pass through the membrane and exit through a breathing tape, present across the shoulders. This breathing tape consists of air holes from which the heat evaporates.

The main categories at GEOX can be divided into the following: New, Women, Men, Girls, Boys, and Technology. In the new section, you can browse through all the new clothes and shoes and even preorder some of their upcoming products. For men, you have all the regular shoes such as oxfords, sneakers, and casual. For women, likewise, they have all the regular categories like wedges, pumps, boots etc.

If you would like to browse through all their products or know more about the technology, visit their well-designed website. You can purchase all their products online. They accept all major online payment options. They ship to all the continental US states and many international destinations. If you have any difficulty or want to ask a question, you can contact their customer support via phone or email. Additionally, you can follow them on Facebook, Google +, and Instagram.

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