Fye Coupon Codes, Promo Code

f.y.e (For your entertainment) is an online web store for the entertainment media store chain in the USA. Started back in 1993, it expanded quite well in the 2000s, but was brought down in this decade. It is a part of the stores run by Trans World Entertainment. It had to close down more than 150 locations in the period 2009-2012. Since, then it has been operating, though it has not been able to achieve its former glory.

Its major areas of business are music and films. It deals in both new and used items for both the categories. The products that it has on offer can be divided into the following categories Listen, Watch, Merch, Tech, Specials, and Used. The listen section includes all their Music and can be further categorized into Exclusives, Pre-Orders, New Releases, Most Popular, CD, and Vinyl. You can also arrange the music by Genre. Some of the top sellers were Black Parade by Chemical Romance, Noel by Josh Groban, and Greatest Hits live: Now & Forever by Air Supply.

The Watch section can likewise be arranged according to Pre-Orders, New Releases, Most Popular, Blu-Ray, Movies, and TV.  The Top Pre-Orders included Marvel’s Ant-Man (Blu-Ray), the Blu-ray version of Hannibal Season 3. The other sub-categories had their own entries as well.

The Merchandise Section contains merchandise from many famous Movies, TV shows, and Games. The total items in the merchandise section were 43,261. These could be further arranged into sub-categories, or the search bar can be utilized at any point. We were rather impressed by their Minion’s merchandise which consisted of many of the major characters. The official King Bob figurine was retailing at $15. Other pieces included apparel, toys, house ware, and accessories.

The used section was what interested us most, partly because it reveals some underlying trends and old favorites. And we were not the least bit surprised to find The Goonies as one of their most popular in used titles. Other honorable mentions are Castle Complete Seventh Season and The Wolf of Wall Street.

If you are impressed by what they have to offer and would like to browse through their whole collection of music and videos, visit their website for the complete list. You can order all their products online and have them shipped to your home anywhere in the US. Or, you can go to a nearby store and save some time. For shipping rates, please visit their shipping section on the web store. They maintain a secure website, which accepts all major online payment methods. If you face any difficulty while browsing or have any additional questions, contact their customer service via phone or email. Additionally, you can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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