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We need to know a lot about hair extensions before we even think of having one. At finefeatherheads.com there are various feathers and these have been washed using a fully concentrated non toxic detergent and thus your health is well taken care of, they have then been dyed using an organic and mineral based dye. If you look at the various pictures, there is variations in the color compared to the normal color. As a result of the variance of the natural feathers from them, color will then most likely vary as well. The feathers sold by fine featherheads are the original feather hair extensions thus you will have the lovely look all through. They have rated the original featherheads at the top of their selling line and this is made up of four feathers which have been bound at the tip of the feather and this has the overall effect of creating a very beautiful extension of the wearer’s hair. They have taken into consideration the fact that various people have different tastes for color and thus have come out with products that have various colors ranging from natural and subtle, to wild and playful, they as well come in various colors that vary from three to six inches. The feathered pieces of hair can be made to appear better through brushing, blow drying, straightening and curling which can be done up to temperatures of 450F. In summary, their feathered hair extensions can be treated similar to natural hair and thus their care and maintenance is relatively easy and ordinary.

Many people prefer the featherheads form this producer due to various reasons. They are very easy in terms of installation, and are reusable all through without indicating loss of quality and thus the same approaches all through. They are all natural and even the coloring is carried out fully from natural dyes, their quality is excellent and have been carefully handcrafted to give an exotic natural look. Due to their patent pending techniques in bonding the feathers’ so as to give an attractive look, the feathers usually remain intact much long and this may be up to a time span of two months based on the care that will have been taken upon them by the wearer. They are very easy to put on and this can be perfectly done at your local salon without any unease.
They offer various products that include party packs, quill clips, tail feathers, headdress, feather charms, fly ties, fly bands, feather earrings, purpose plumes, pet plumes, apparel, salon kits, fly rods, holiday collections, and various other products. All these have been made with both the idea of quality and fashion in mind thus will give you that good look for long enough.
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