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Who They Are is an online retailer which sells women’s fashion clothing. They started back in 2010 with the aim of providing beautiful clothes to their customers at the best possible rates. Their business philosophy revolves around an effort to help women look their best without spending a veritable fortune. They do this by sourcing directly from the best makers and then transferring the benefits to the end consumer. Since, they operate an online business, they can avoid display and other staffing costs, which mean that even more cost benefits, can be provided to the customer. This is further enhanced by holding regular sales, which bring down the prices even further.

Things to know about Them

  • Started operations in 2010
  • Operate from Guanzhou, China
  • Exceptional Prices
  • Size up when buying things
  • A range of acceptable payment options

The Products

The products on the website are divided into the following categories Home, New In, Top Sellers, Flash Sale, Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Accessories, and Plus Size. Let us go through them to get a better idea about the overall assortment of the products up for sale.

New In

New In

This category is specifically for people who do not like to wear old fashioned clothing. It is not to say that the other sections are completely out of date, but this section contains all their new and upcoming products. It has a small Trending section and oddly a men’s section as well. The trending section will give you an insight on the trending articles of clothing on their website. Then depending on your choice, you can either buy them or move in the other direction. It depends on how unique do you like your clothing to be. In the fashion scenario, you can either be the one setting the trends or your will the one following them. To a certain extent the choice is yours.

At the time of writing this piece, the top trending clothes were those with a Polka Dot pattern on them. This was only second in place to Bohemian Romance, and Denim Fashion. We just love the bohemian fashion. There is a liberating sense in the whole thing. On the other hand, who does not love a good pair of jeans?

Top Sellers

Top Sellers

If you really want to know what a fashion store is all about, then the top sellers section always gives a good idea about their collection and the current audience. Interestingly, their top selling items were their dresses and work dresses. Available in a range of colors and styles, they were quite prominent. Whether you are a fan of the floral patterns or the Plaid designs, you will find several options to satisfy your urge.

We know that fashion is a very subjective thing, but we just loved their Trendy Plain Maxi Dress. It looks a bit out of the 40s, but then sometimes old is gold. With its bows and the absolutely chic green color, it is a fabulous dress indeed.

Flash Sale

This section is pretty much self-explanatory. It features some of their top sales of the season. It is best to keep checking back regularly for the latest available sales. Or you can just register with them for getting the newsletter in the mail. Either way it is fine with them.


This is their main business. They specialize in dresses. Whether you want a dress for the next office meeting or you would like to have a casual one for going to the pool, you will find their options quite reasonable, and above all excellently priced. The section is further divided into Maxi, Bodycon, Skater, Shift, Knitted, and Special Occasion Dresses.

The website employs an excellent display refining system. You can rearrange the products according to Price, Color, and Size. Their collection can be gauged from the fact that they have almost 4500 unique dresses available for sale. We loved their prom dresses the best. There are some really cool classical designs along with some more experimental and contemporary ones. If you go looking for a dress, we would recommend looking at Charming Round Neck Solid Lace Patchwork Party Dress. It was a beautiful eastern piece, which would wow everyone at the party.



A chic top is one of the most important parts of the summer wear. And the spring time is either long over or at its edges, depending on where you are from. It is time to discard the heavy tops and start looking for something much more light weight.

Their graphical tees section had an excellent range of tees. If you feel that there is a dearth of love and happiness in the world and would like to express yourself through a tee, then you can do so. Simply buy one. However, one of the most inspirational tees had the following inscription on it: Act like a Lady and Think like a Boss. We find that to be one of the best advices available. Have the necessary manners, but know that you are in control of who you are. Or if you think that laundry is a chore, which it is, then the best option would be to wear a shirt which says: last clean T-shirt. This will remind you about the dreaded thing and give you a heads up in case you forget. Another honorable mention is their: Good times and Tan Lines, wear it if you dare.

Hollow out T-shirts

Graphical tees look cool and funny, but they aren’t everyone’s piece of pie. If you would rather have a shapely and fashionable tee, then we would suggest the Hollow outs from Fashion Mia. They have some interesting designs and most people would not be able to resist the lure of ordering one.

Work Blouses and Crop Tops

If you are looking for something which is suitable for work, but does not dampen your style, then this section will provide the right number of options. Or if you are looking for a casual crop top for going out, they have them as well.


Bottoms are further divided into Jeans, Casual pants, Leggings, Midi Skirts, Maxi Skirts, Mini Skirts, Jumpsuits, Rompers, and Suits.


No outfit is complete without the proper accessories to go with it. You will find a range of different bags and some really unusual material in the form of Cosplay, and Lingerie. The bags are primarily Clutches and Shoulder bags. On the other hand, the lingerie section has an interesting collection to spice up the intimate life. They would make an excellent gift to your partner or be an excellent gift for your partner. The Cosplay is very limited and something which they have just added to the website.

Plus Size

If you are a healthy person and have difficulty in finding the right fit of clothes, then their plus sized clothing will be just right for you. They have the complete range of their dresses available in Plus sizes as well.

Shipping and Response on the Web

You can order the products online and have them shipped to anywhere in the world. However, since the items would be shipping out of China, bear in mind that it may take some time depending on the location.

While going through the stuff on this website we found a lot of negative reviews about the sizing. So, we would especially caution our visitors to read through their sizing charts before placing the order. If you are from a different country, then make sure that you understand the sizing mentioned on the website, which is primarily for Chinese people. Even if you are sure about the size, we would recommend sizing up for placing your order, if you are outside the Asian subcontinent. It can turn into a very expensive venture if you have to return your items due to sizing issues. So, get it right the first time around.

Having said that, we have not found better prices anywhere else on the internet. Where else will you find dresses under $50, with some selling for as low as $10. The prices are truly exceptional and reflect their business philosophy.

Payment options are varied as well and you can pay using PayPal or any of the other ways mentioned in their Payment Options section. The customer service can be reached via phone and email.

Coupons and Benefits

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How to Use Them

  1. Select the items you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout.
  2. Here on this page you will have the Coupon code box.
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  4. Click Apply. The page will refresh to display the discounted prices.
  5. Continue with their instructions to complete the purchase.