eBay Coupon Codes & Promo Codes

Ebay: the e-commerce giant, an online hub where you can buy everything. It is the euphorian marketplace, which comes closest to applying the principles which form a perfect market. It started back in 1995 as a small company and is one of the success stories of the dot-com bubble. It has continued to develop and innovate over the last two decades and stands as one of the most successful corporations of today.

According to recent statistics, it has 25 million sellers, some 800 live listings with almost 159 million active buyers. Its motto includes “if it exists in the world, it probably is for sale on eBay”. eBay caters to the needs of sellers by providing them with every kind of support to grow their businesses. On eBay everyone can be a seller. It provides space to top brands and also provides space to resellers.

Another charm for eBay is that it operates in most of the countries in the world. It has buyers in 190 countries and has listings for all the top brands.

The products offered on eBay can be classified into the following categories: Collectibles and art, Electronics, Entertainment, Fashion, Home and Garden, and Motors.

Sellers can set any of the three shipping options depending on what they want to achieve. It includes free shipping, flat fee shipping and calculated shipping. It also offers the Global shipping program for customers outside the US. Furthermore, it has a lot of payment methods: customers can pay via Paypal, Paypal Credit, Credit cards, Debit cards and also Payment upon pickup.

eBay deals with the whole experience when it comes to shopping. In lieu of this, it has a whole Help and Support section dedicated to problems that sellers and buyers may face. Additionally, it also has a customer service which can be contacted through Email or phone. It also has a healthy presence on all the social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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